The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular session at 4:30 p.m., on Tuesday, June 30, 2020 in Council Chambers, City Hall.
Mayor Frazier called the meeting to order at 4:30 pm.
Clerk-Treasurer Danielle Harthun took roll call.
Mayor Brent E. Frazier and four members of the Council were present at roll call: Council Member Steve Strand; Council Member Curt Markgraf; Council Member Kevin Ballard; Council Member Steve Foster.
Other city staff present: Administrator Don Solga, Clerk-Treasurer Danielle Harthun, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson, City Engineer Bob Schlieman and Police Chief Jeff Stadum.
General Attendance: John Waller III and Lou Hoglund from the Pelican Press were also present.
The Mayor welcomed everyone to the Council Meeting and announced upcoming events in the community.
All present stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance.
At a previous Council meeting, the Mayor was asked to contact the County to find out why the sirens sounded on June 9. The County said that there were wind gusts of 45 mph.
Motion by Ballard, seconded by Foster to approve the agenda with the additions of City Bathhouse and No. 18 Planning Commission Report. Motion passed unanimously.
Motion by Foster, seconded by Markgraf to approve the consent agenda.
a) Approval of Council Minutes – 6/9/20
b) Approval of Accounts Payable Listing
c) Staff Reports

  1. Liquor Store Report
  2. Utilities Report
    Motion passed unanimously.
    City Engineer Bob Schlieman provided Council with a Colony Apartment Project update. Construction is nearing completion. He presented Change Order No. 3 requesting substantial completion change from June 26, 2019 to July 3, 2020 and final completion will be July 1, 2021. The Change order also included the extra work for dewatering of $65,153.80. Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to approve Change Order No. 3 for the Colony Apartment Project. Motion passed unanimously.
    Chief Stadum reviewed the State of Minnesota Joint Powers Agreement Authorized Agency and Court Data Services Subscriber Amendment to CJDN Subscriber Agreement. He explained how the police department uses the system on a daily basis. Motion by Markgraf, seconded by Strand to approve the Mayor and Clerk signing both the State of Minnesota Joint Powers Agreement Authorized Agency and Court Data Services Subscriber Amendment to CJDN Subscriber Agreement. Motion passed unanimously.
    Superintendent Olson requested Council hire the following as lifeguards: Morgan Hatle, Mandi Sjolie, Mackenzie Thornton, Chloe Miltich, Kristen Haiby, Autumn Gummeringer, Grace Peterson, Keelia Rockstead at $11.24 an hour. Keelia Rockstead will be the water safety instructor at $13.82. Motion by Foster, seconded by Strand to hire the above listed lifeguards and water safety instructor. Motion passed unanimously.
    The pool is on target to open July 6, 2020.The pool is leaking slightly, but the epoxy has helped. Swimming lesson times are still to be determined but will be advertised when decided.
    Council Member Strand asked Superintendent Olson about a crosswalk by Family Dollar and by 5th Avenue NE across Highway 59. Olson will contact MNDOT about the crosswalks.
    Council reviewed the COVID-19 Preparedness Plans for the City, Pool and Liquor Store, which were provided in the packet. Administrator Solga reviewed the plans with Council and explained the relief money for which the city can apply. Council discussed providing paid time off if an employee has to quarantine. The City may be reimbursed from the relief funds. The city has until November 2020 to use the funds. City staff is tracking COVID-19 related expenses for reimbursement. Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to allow the Mayor to sign the application for the relief funds. Motion passed unanimously.
    Motion by Markgraf, seconded by Frazier to approve the City paying wages on full time and part time employees, up to 14 days, due to Covid-19 time off. Employee must provide medical documentation to show the reason as COVID-19 related. Full time employees will not need to use comp, sick or vacation time. Abstain: Ballard. Aye: Strand, Markgraf, Frazier. Nay: Foster. Motion passed.
    Motion by Ballard, seconded by Strand to approve the COVID-19 Preparedness Plans for the City, Pool and Liquor Store. Motion passed unanimously.
    City Hall doors will open to residents again starting Monday July 6, 2020. Staff will continue to social distance and work remotely. We will follow all the rules. Council directed City Hall to open back up July 6.
    Council Member Foster would like the campground bathrooms open. Superintendent Olson will put together a preparedness plan. Motion by Foster, seconded by Strand to direct city staff to open the park bathrooms. Bathrooms will not be maintained on weekends. Aye: Strand, Ballard, Markgraf, Foster. Nay: Frazier. Motion passed
    Administrator Solga updated Council on the City/County Emergency Alert System (Rave Alert/Smart911). The County is replacing CodeRED because of cost.
    Administrator Solga compiled a list of developable residential lots in the city. The list was provided to area realtors in case someone is interested in building in town. The list was also provided to the Otter Tail County Community Development Agency.
    Administrator Solga reviewed the discussion of the 2024 City/MNDOT Virtual Meeting on June 25.
    Clerk-Treasurer Danielle Harthun recommended appointment of a number of election judges for the August 11, 2020 Primary Election and the November 3, 2020 General Election. Motion by Markgraf, seconded by Foster to appoint the following people as 2020 election judges: Danielle Harthun, Dawn Lysaker, Kathryn Andrews, Barbara Ripley, Julie Tunheim, Joyce Burnham and Onnalee Miller-Krump at $13.16 per hour. Motion passed unanimously.
    Pool Committee Minutes were included in the packet for Council.
    John Waller III provided a report of the Planning Commission meeting. Faith Church would like to build a garage on an empty residential lot. The Planning Commission asked Attorney Larson to review the ordinance and provide the Planning Commission with options. Amy Baldwin (Director-OTC CDA) explained different opportunities and incentives to potential home or business owners to the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission recommended Council approve the updating of the Comp Plan. The proposal will be included in the next packet.
    Council Member Strand had questions as to how the protest curfew was decided. Police Chief Stadum and Mayor Frazer discussed a precautionary curfew. As Mayor, he has the statutory authority to make the decision he did if it was under 72 hours.
    Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to end the emergency declaration. Motion was withdrawn. It will be reviewed at the next meeting.
    Administrator Solga reported that since the last city council meeting he has; worked with Clerk to set City Council (CC) agenda and prep for regular CC meeting; attended remote meetings with CGMC and LMC; attended bi-weekly remote meeting with Otter Tail County Community Development Agency; attended remote meeting with OTC EPAC re: COVID-19 and Smart911; attended 2 PR Bike and Ped Plan meeting via Zoom; attended Project 90 (Colony Apartment) construction meeting; worked on Bicycle Friendly Community application for Partnership4Health; worked on City Hall, HCH, and Pool Preparedness plans; held emergency management team to discuss state of city departments and facilities and COVID-19 Preparedness Plans; spent time configuring and updating city website; worked with Chief Stadum on police department issues; worked on added cost list due to COVID-19; established committee and prepped for and attended a remote meeting with MNDOT concerning the 2024 complete street project; and worked on a couple of potential economic development projects.
    Mayor Frazier reported that since the last city council meeting he has; continued to have communication with Jenny-O regarding their current operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to submit weekly mayor’s columns to the Pelican Press during the COVID-19 pandemic, attended one City of Pelican Rapids Emergency Management Team Meeting, visited with Summer Soccer league officials regarding the cancellation of their 2020 summer season, contacted Pat Waletzko of the Otter Tail County Emergency Management Office regarding the sounding of the sirens on the morning of June 9, 2020, talked to a few eatery owners about opening for inside dining, visited with Colony Homes regarding when the apartment complex will be ready for occupancy, meetings with Police Chief Stadum and Administrator Solga to implement a curfew on the evening of the BLM Protest in Pelican Rapids, signed the Proclamation And Declaration Of A Local Emergency And Curfew Order for the evening of June 19, 2020 and morning of June 20, 2020, visited with businesses that called me regarding the proposed BLM Protest Walk on June 18 and the protest on June 19, visited by telephone with Sheriff Fitzgibbons regarding the proposed protest, attended a CSAH 96 & CSAH 100 Construction meeting and have visited the project several times, attended a Pelican Rapids 2024 Complete Streets Project Skype Meeting, attended 3 Pelican Rapids Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning Zoom Meetings, met with residents regarding an array of other topics, and met with Administrator Solga to review the agenda or this evening’s City Council Meeting.
    Motion by Strand, seconded by Ballard to adjourn the City Council meeting at 6:42 pm. Motion passed unanimously.
    Danielle Harthun, MCMC