The full DNR 2019 harvest report can be downloaded on the deer reports and statistics webpage. Some key takeaways:
• A total of 187,587 deer were harvested last season.
• During the inaugural statewide youth season, 5,829 deer were harvested.
• Overall, the season was very similar to the 2018 season, with comparable total number harvested and success rates. A total of 101,910 antlered bucks and 85,677 antlerless deer were harvested in 2019. There was an 8% increase in antlered buck harvest and 9% decrease in antlerless deer harvest compared to last year.

Keep our deer herd healthy by following deer feeding and attractant bans

Have you heard? Starting July 1, six additional counties will be added to deer feeding and attractant bans after the discovery of chronic wasting disease in a wild deer in Dakota County. Feeding and attracting deer will not be allowed in Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Rice, Scott and Washington counties. These bans are an important part of the DNR’s response to CWD — limiting close contact between deer helps prevent the spread of the fatal disease. Learn more about what you need to do to help our wild deer, and a full list of the counties included, on the deer feeding ban webpage.

Let fawns be

Most fawns are born from mid-May to mid-June, so please avoid disturbing them. Fawns do not attempt to evade predators during their first few weeks of life. Instead, they remain still to avoid being seen. During these times, fawns are learning critical survival skills from their mothers but are often left on their own while their mothers are foraging nearby. Be assured deer fawns do fine even if they look abandoned or fragile