Sheriff deputies reported that a county resident avoided becoming a scam victim at the last minute. The county resident came close to losing thousands of dollars.

The son of the man who almost became a scam victim called the sheriff’s office on behalf of his father on June 19, saying his father was told on the phone he needed to send money to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in order to bail a grandson out of jail.

The county resident had second thoughts and with the help of Fed-Ex was able to “freeze” the package of money, later turned over to law enforcement in Fort Lauderdale.

County sheriff deputies and other law enforcement agencies urge people to resist the pressure to act quickly when one receives a call that seems suspicious.

A scammer often claims that there is no time to speak to others. However, county residents who receive such calls are urged to contact family members for advice or call the sheriff’s office right away.

Do not give out names or other information about family members unless you are certain of the identity of the caller. Resist pressure to send money quickly and secretly. Verify the location of a grandchild with his or her parents.