For a young fellow who fishes the Pelican River three to four times a week—generally landing a few northern pike and bullheads –Troy Bell had an exciting day shore-fishing June 12.

Hooking into a bigger-than-usual fish, Troy, 15, saw the tell-tale stripes of a muskie when the fish splashed and broke water.

“It brought the tip of my fishing rod all the way to the water,” said Troy. “I was really surprised.”

Being an informed and responsible outdoorsman, Troy wanted to make sure the fish was released back into the water safely—so he took a quick photo. He didn’t even try to get a measurement, though he estimated the fish at about 25 inches.

Troy, who will be a sophomore at Pelican Rapids High School next year, enjoys fishing a short walk from his home in Pelican Rapids. The muskie was caught near the “Pelican Pete” statue at the Pelican Rapids dam site.

What did he use to catch the specimen?

A black and yellow power bait, which resembles a large worm.