Pelican Rapids coaches, with seasons shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be paid the equivalent of half their contract.

That is the proposal the Pelican Rapids School Board will be acting on at the June 15 meeting.

Schools are handling the situations in various ways across the state, said Derrick Nelson, Pelican activities director at the June 1 school board meeting.

“It’s all over the board,” as far as how the contracts are being paid, said Nelson.

Some schools are paying 100 percent, despite the canceled seasons. 

Some are paying the head coach at a certain level, and the assistants a different sum.

“We feel it is fair to the coaches and the taxpayers to pay 50 percent to all coaches,” said Nelson, noting that both the head coach and the assistants would see the same contract reduction.

School finance director Rudy Martinez said that the coach salaries are already budgeted. But any reduction in the contracts will be a savings to the school district.

Under the prospect that school sports could be canceled in the fall, depending on the state’s decisions, Nelson suggested that the board continue the policy into the next year, to be consistent.

“If we’re in the same boat in the fall and winter, we could be consistent—and not have the same discussion next year,” suggested Nelson.

The proposal was submitted for board review June 1, but isn’t expected to be acted on until the June 15 meeting.