Longboards: Like a skateboard, but extended. There’s a growing number of ‘boarders’ on the streets of Pelican, and they’re aiming to gain credibility through public relations and a citywide litter pick-up—on wheels

Skaters will roll through town—on the prowl for trash May 30

“Longboarders” will be uniting and volunteering for a good community cause on May 30.

For those out of the loop, a long board is like a skate board—only longer. The presence of long boards, as an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, have become increasingly evident in the Pelican Rapids area.

Mason Berube and Ray Elizondo will be hosting a longboard litter pick-up in Pelican Rapids.

The event is titled ‘Longboard Cruise & Clean-up’. It will be taking place on Saturday, May 30.

The designated meet-up spot is at the Pelican city swimming pool at 1 p.m.

“We are hosting this event as a way for the longboard community to connect with one another, meet like-minded people and partake in a constructive movement,” said Berube. “We will be cruising the streets and picking up trash at the same time.”

Trash bags and gloves will be provided to participants. Trash bags will be donated by Larry’s Super Market. This event has been approved by Pelican Mayor Brent Frazier and a sign to promote the event will be placed at the Pelican Rapids Fire Hall one week prior to the event.
For more information, call Berube at (218) 850-2022, or email: masonjberube@gmail.com.