Sheriff deputies reported on May 15 that a resident who lives near Highway 32, between Otter Tail Lake and Dead Lake, reported
fraudulent transactions on a bank account.

A line of credit worth $1,500 was fraudulently taken from one account
and placed into a savings account.

The bank contacted the county resident about the illegal activity. As of May 18 the matter was still under investigation.

Reckless firearms shot Vergas area cabin
A bullet coming from the south, which was believed to be a reckless shot, struck a cabin south of Vergas, on Sunnybrook Drive. The incident
was reported on Ma 16.

Damage to the exterior wall and kitchen cabinet was estimated at $1,000.

Sheriff deputies later spoke to area residents and patrolled the area. They were unable to locate a suspect or the exact location where the shot came from.

Authorities believe the incident took place within the previous two weeks.

Tire slashing takes place at lake access

A fisherman east of Dalton called the sheriff’s office at 9:20 a.m. on May 17, saying his boat trailer tires were slashed near a Highway 12 boat access at Johnson Lake.

The owner, while out on the lake, saw a pickup in the distance at the boat access on shore. He suspects a driver from the pickup did the vandalism.

Damages are estimated between $200 and $250.

Two-year-old boy injured
On May 16 a two-year old boy was injured when accidentally run over by a relative northeast of Henning, near Spaghetti Road.

The accident took place at 8:10 p.m. when a grandmother of the boy arrived home from work. The boy sustained leg and hand injuries,
but not life-threatening.

Authorities said the boy was taken to Tri-County Hospital in Wadena and later was taken to Minneapolis for further treatment.

Alcohol or reckless driving were not factors in the accident, according to law enforcement personnel