Notice of Hearing on
CSAH 96, CSAH 100, 1st
Street SW, and Great
Northern Road
Underground Utility and
Street Improvements
City of Pelican Rapids,

Notice is hereby given that the
City Council of Pelican Rapids,
Minnesota will meet in the Council
Chambers of the Pelican Rapids
City Hall located at 315 North
Broadway, Pelican Rapids, Minnesota
at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday,
May 12, 2020 to consider the
making of Improvements to the
following areas:
• 1st Street NW from West Mill
Avenue to a point approximately
350 feet north of West Mill Avenue
• West Mill Avenue from
Broadway (Trunk Highway
59/108) to 1st Street West
• 1st Street SW from West Mill
Avenue to 2nd Avenue SW
• Great Northern Road from
2nd Avenue SW to a point approximately
300 feet southwest of
2nd Avenue SW
• 3rd Avenue SW from Broadway
(Trunk Highway 59) to 1st
Street SW
• 1st Street SW from 3rd Avenue
SW to 5th Avenue SW
• 5th Avenue SW from Broadway
(Trunk Highway 59) to 1st
Street SW
by making improvements to the
sanitary sewer collection system,
water distribution system, storm
sewer system, street, curb and
gutter, sidewalk, driveway aprons,
and retaining walls, pursuant to
Minn. Stat. §§ 429.011 to 429.111.
The area proposed to be assessed
for such improvement includes
parcels abutting and/or
benefitting from the proposed improvements.
The estimated cost
of the improvement is
$2,990,000. A reasonable estimate
of the impact of the assessment
will be available at the
hearing. Such persons as desire
to be heard with reference to the
proposed improvement will be
heard at this meeting.
If a stay-at-home order or social
distancing recommendations
are in effect at the scheduled time
of the Public Hearing, affected
property owners will be able to
view and take part in the Public
Hearing remotely on Zoom.
Please check the City of Pelican
Rapids’ website the day of the
Public Hearing for details on how
to view and participate remotely.
Ms. Danielle Harthun,
City Clerk