Dawn Finn

Dawn Finn has dual role at Pelican social service organization

Dawn Finn is the newest member of the Welcome Place staff and will have a dual role as Together Without Walls (TWW) Project Director and Family Development Specialist (FDS).

She is a graduate of Upper Iowa University, pursued higher education at Iowa State University and has a semester left on her master’s degree. Dawn has 25 years of social services experience with numerous local and area connections including Rural Minnesota CEP.

Dawn brings a deep commitment to building a welcoming, thriving, diverse and collaborative Pelican Rapids area community. She has experience as a life coach, motivational speaker, team builder and event planner.

Family Development Services (FaDDS) began in Iowa and Dawn was very involved in the origination. She brings that connection to the Welcome Place. The Family Development Specialist (FDS) approach is holistic and works with the individual/family in specific aspects of their life focusing on personal growth and self-awareness that encourages positive change. Home visits or face to face interactions occur two to three times a month for the first three months of services and then one to two times a month throughout the duration of participation in the program. Ongoing, strength-based and solution-focused support is important and individuals/families know that their Specialist is only a phone call away.

The Welcome Place offices are currently closed as a precautionary measure due to the potential threat of the coronavirus. Once this threat passes, Dawn will be working 20 hours per week with Thursdays, noon to 6 p.m. as her regular office day. She will do much of her Family Development and TWW community building work out of the office.

Are you living the life you want to live? Call Dawn at (218) 270-8811 to set up an appointment. She may be just what you need to achieve the goals that will bring your life satisfaction.

The Welcome Place has closed its doors during the COVID-19 outbreak.
But help is still available. Calls can be made to Dawn Finn, at 218-270-8811

The Tuesday noon “Friendship Meals” at the Welcome Place are canceled until further notice.