The Lakeland General Store at Dunvilla is one of the essential businesses serving the greater Pelican Rapids Lakes area.

Though the neighboring Cornfield Cafe is closed during the COVID-19 outbreak, the general store remains in operation.

Lakeland crew members are pictured above, on March 25.
From left, Dana Shepherd, Mickey McCollum, Chaz Walters, Tom Langseth, and Robbie Shulstad.

Meanwhile, the Cornfield’s Jason Bunkowski has taken the opportunity to renovate the kitchen. Also, Bunkowski may be opening the Cornfield BBQ food truck for service during the COVID-19 outbreak.

From Lakeland General Store owner Bob Schempp:

Lakeland General Store at Dunvilla owners,
Bob and Jennifer Schempp.

Lakeland has proven a necessity for our community and for that reason our plan is to remain open.

In order to prioritize the safety of our customers and employees as well as to ensure we can remain open we do ask that everyone who visits be responsible. Whether you’re a permanent resident in the area or you’re returning to your summer home, please assess your risk exposure as well as your health and make choices accordingly.

If you feel you’re at risk or have been near someone who’s higher risk, or if you’re concerned about the risk of entering our store please know we have other options.

We can deliver curbside or would be willing to deliver to you where reasonable for free, or for a small fee if necessary. If you’re healthy and not concerned please remember there are others to consider too. Please remember to wash your hands, avoid touching your face and keep a safe distance from others. We are all in this together and we want to make certain we can remain open for those who need us.

Most importantly we want to keep everyone safe. “This too shall pass.”