(SeeSaw post from Pelican teachers…)

We are starting a Pelican Rapids project called “We Can Do This!” Here is what you do: 

1. Make a heart on a piece of paper. You can do any paper 

2. Write the words “We can do this!” on your heart. You can even color it or fancy it up. If you don’t have paper, you could use a paper garbage bag.

3. Tape it to your window so people can see it as they drive or walk by. 

This is being shared throughout our school. Let’s see how many people we can get to do this. You can even tell your neighbors, friends, and family members! Later you will be able to drive around or walk your neighborhood to see all the hearts. Just this simple encouragement has made me feel good today. Hopefully it will for you, your families, and the people that see it. Take a picture or video of your heart and share it with me! We can do this! 

Love, Pelican Rapids Teachers

Credit for the local idea goes to 1st Grade teacher Pam Eiden