No crying over spilled milk, as grocer, crew maintain the food supply for Pelican area 

Monday, March 16

-Busy day. I prepped departments for potential restaurant/bar closure as I noticed it happening in other states.  Later in the day MN announced it.  Little bit of a surge of customers as a result. 

Tuesday, March 17

 -Steady, slower than Monday.  Truck done by 3 p.m. which is an improvement from the past few trucks.  We like to have trucks done by 12 p.m. – 1 p.m.  17 hour day for me. I got tired, stopped and went home even though I wanted to order a few things.  Ordered in off-brand bread to help the bread guys out.

Wednesday, March 18

-I began my day by making phone calls in bed when I woke up.  Called insurance agent to discuss insurance related things. Once at store I spent 1.5 hrs in office catching up, also was resetting my mental state before going out on the floor.  It was slower in the AM, picked up at 11:45 a.m.

Thursday, March 19

 -Hoped for slower day, I waited as long as I could on ordering to see how the day went.  My order deadline was noon. It got steady, so ordered another heavy truck. Ordered heavy on eggs and dairy, I also would have my Saturday truck to add on to if needed.  Saw some emotions in some employees, did my best to calm.  Many people in community thanking us, referring to prior PR Press article.  I’m working hard, but so are our staff.  

Started supporting other local businesses and promoting online, they need support too.  Starting to see delivery roadblocks to homebound, nursing homes and high rise on lockdown, working with them still.  

I’ve called out customers and vendors when they are ridiculous, my mouth filter isn’t as strong when I am short of sleep.  Covered the bulk chocolates and wafers, a good tip from a customer.  Changed hours a bit. Barnesville DQ closure came out in news. 

At night I was in deli kitchen eating a sandwich, caught myself gazing into the sales floor, mind a little blank but trying to guess next challenge/move I’ll need to make, worrying if a decision I make could be bad.  

I have to stay open, but it potentially could harm our staff or community. Our main truck driver informed me I’m the most aggressive store ordering since all this began, and I was the first to order a large truck. Other stores are more cautious. Our staff was declared emergency workers, which is a nice option for a couple of our staff for daycare.

Friday, March 20

-Very little TP on truck.  Finally getting some good overstock, took a week.  

Hired 4 college/high school kids to help with truck at night, to relieve our day shift. Ordered heavy on softener salt. Float went out on our reservoir tank for the water filling station, had to shut down filling station for a couple hours.  I went into milk cooler to work overstock, noticed gallon of millk spilled all over.  While I was cleaning up the milk, I was paged to the front, all carryouts were busy and there were broken eggs on the floor, while I was cleaning up the eggs a carryout asked if I’d swap out a customer’s milk as it was leaking all over.  

A day in the life of a grocer!

Saturday, March 21

-Ran out of toilet paper for the first time. I hit a wall at 4 p.m., went home for a 2 hr nap and came back in at 8 p.m. I did some ordering, was in disbelief when I was in TP aisle. I sat on empty shelf with my iPad trying to figure out a plan, was surreal so I had to recreate photo of myself to show what the diehard grocers are doing right now.

Sunday, March 22

 -Snow on parking lot, plowed to prevent the mess from coming into the store.  Busiest day of curbside pickup, has been going smooth.  New staff came in to work truck that night, they did great. Brittany now getting tired too. 

Monday, March 23

 -Order deadlines from my main supplier have been moved up 30 minutes due to large trucks.  I forgot what day it was when I started ordering, thought it was Thursday.  Store is pretty well stocked considering.