Pelican Rapids area kids­–and adults–have apparently discovered the joys of ice skating. 

Between poor ice conditions and freeze-thaw cycles of recent years, Pelican city crews started to question whether flooding and maintaining a local skating rink was cost-effective. 

“It has been so slow some years, we questioned whether it was worth it,” said Brian Olson, parks and public works superintendent, at the Feb. 11 city council meeting. 

But the rink has been “quite busy,” said Olson, with nearly 100 using the rink on one day–and an average of about 18 per day. 

With the use the rink has had this year, Olson indicated the city might consider flooding a second rink–as it has in the past–for those who like to knock a hockey puck around.  

In other park-related news, the city council gave Olson the go ahead to apply for a 50 percent matching outdoor recreation grant from the DNR.  The city has plenty of great uses for the money, including playground equipment upgrade at Peterson Park.  

City swim pool status sought in March–in effort to open earlier

In an effort to get ahead of the typical difficulties of getting the aging Pelican Rapids city swim pool open, an early report has been requested–by March.  

Councilman Steve Foster requested a status report in March. The hope is to get a jump on the pool, which has annual leaking problems, ahead of Memorial Day.