A new “School/Pay” agreement, with new efficiency features for parents, families, and the school business office, will be a pilot project. 

Pelican was chosen for the pilot out of some 90 districts, reported school business manager Rudy Martinez at the Feb. 10 Pelican school board meeting. 

In addition to easing credit card use for school lunch and other transactions, the program is expected to be rolled out in time for summer recreation program registration, as well as community ed. 

Set-up fees have been waived for the Pelican pilot project. 

• In other discussions at the school board meeting, Viking Elementary School reached its goal of issuing at least 6,000 leadership tickets by Jan. 31. In fact, the  goal to promote leadership was exceeded — with 7,037 tickets written. 

• Enrollment figures for February showed total enrollment steady for Viking Elementary, at 421 students in grades K-6 for the past four months. 

• High school enrollment dipped slightly, from 426 to 422 in grades 7 to 12.