Pelican dancers end season at Section

 The Pelican Rapids High School Valkyries Dance Team competed in the Section 4A Dance Meet in Wadena Feb. 2, winding up another successful season. 

Jazz Team

 There were 17 teams total in the Section with 13 competing in jazz and 15 competing in kick. Advancing to the State Dance Tournament on Friday, February 14 and Saturday, February 15 at the Target Center were the top 3 teams in each category. The Valkyries season came to an end after their strongest performances of the season at the Section tournament. 

“We were so proud of the team and their performances in both kick and jazz at Sections. They worked very hard leading up to Sections and it showed; unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to advance to the State Tournament this year,” said Coach Emily Evenson. “Our strengths in jazz were difficulty, execution, and routine effectiveness (overall impression, stamina, and confidence and expression.) Our strengths in kick were in kick height, and routine effectiveness as well. Section 4A has proved to be one of the largest and toughest Class A sections which makes for a very strength packed meet. While we didn’t advance, we were proud of some neighboring towns, such as Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, who have proven to be strong in jazz and earned their first trip to the State Tournament!”

Kick Team

This season was interesting with multiple drops and cancellations due to illness and weather; some teams hardly competing at all in the month of January!” said  Coach Evenson.

Valkyries dance program has great influence on youth, concludes Rotary essay winner

The annual Pelican Rapids Rotary Club Essay Contest for high school students is based on Rotary’s
 “Four-Way Test…of the things we think, say or do”.
First: Is it the Truth?
Second: Is it Fair to all concerned?
Third: Will it build Goodwill
and Better Friendships?
Fourth: Will it be Beneficial
to all concerned? 

By Emma Haugrud,

Pelican Rapids High School student

Pelican Rotary essay contest winner

Dance has been one of the biggest parts of my life since I was three years old.  I started dancing at a small studio in Fergus Falls.  When I reached the age of seven, I was attending dance classes five days a week.  I was in different types of dance classes such as ballet, modern, tap, and hip hop.  I loved being in dance but something was missing. 

 In 5th grade, I moved here to Pelican Rapids.  I loved everything about moving except for one thing.  Going to dance classes in Fergus was an annoying commute to take every day for a kid.  I chose to take a break from dance for a year.  

When I entered 7th grade, I was finally old enough to try out for the Pelican Rapids dance team.  I finally figured out what was missing when I was dancing in Fergus Falls, it was being a part of a team.  The Valkyrie dance team most definitely meets the 4-way test.

The truth about being a part of the Valkyries is that you can’t only think about yourself.  You always need to keep in mind that you’re only as strong as your weakest link.  It’s all for one and one for all.  Another truth is that you have to put the time in.  You have to go home and practice the parts that you were messing up at practice, over and over.  Once you finally perfected the things you worked hard on, it’s such a rewarding feeling.

The Valkyrie dance team is fair because I get out of the program what I put into it.  I always practice my routine as much as I can, because it always shows at practice.  All the time I put in earned me my spot on varsity and captain.

Friendships and goodwill are one of the most important things that come from the high school dance experience.  This leads me to form bonds with girls that have a wide range of ages, with different ethnicities, and backgrounds.  Being a Valkyrie has made school more enjoyable for me.  I love walking through the hallway and getting greeted by almost every teammate.  It always brightens my day.

Being a part of the Valkyries has been truly beneficial for me.  It landed me a job as an assistant coach for Just for Kix.  I love teaching young kids routines.  That experience led me to a job as a summer youth camp counselor and helped me figure out what I want to do in life.  Another impactful thing about dance practice was it helped me stay active.  A usual practice consisted of doing a workout, stretching, and then practicing our dances.  It’s such a great way to stay in shape, and healthy.

The Valkyries has greatly influenced my life.  It helps me expand my friendships, and make friends that I hope are lifelong.  I benefit so much from dance, it has given me great opportunities such as being the captain, and great jobs.  I learned how to be a leader and have the younger girls look up to me.  

I know from experience that the Valkyries meet the four way test.  It is truth, fair, friendships are formed, and its beneficial.

Emma Haugrud