Pelican Pizza will be under new owners in mid-February.

Pelican Pizza has been sold, and new owners are expected to be on board by mid-February. 

The new owners will be John and Alicia LaFerriere.

For about the past two years, owner Tony Huseby has remodeled  most of the establishment–inside and out. 

“We’ve put a considerable amount of investment back into the business,” said Huseby. “It really should give the new owners a launching pad…they won’t need to think about remodeling.”

In addition to the improvements in the dining area, Huseby also added a wider beer selection–including craft brews. 

Huseby said that the decision to sell the business was a family matter, and was made after discussions with his wife and children. 

Huseby appeared before the Pelican City Council Jan. 28 regarding a Small Business Development grant, which had been with the business for many years. 

Only $2,300 was remaining on the loan, which was originally state grant money.  

The state has suggested that longstanding loans with minimal balances could be waived, as the economic development program has changed in recent years.  The loans are no longer assumable upon change in ownership, explained Don Solga, Pelican city administrator. 

The council voted to waive the remaining balance of the loan, which clears the small business loan for the new ownership.  

“It is sad to see Tony go,” said Councilman Steve Strand.