October 21, 2019

The Pelican Rapids Board of Education held a regular meeting on October 21, 2019 in the board room at the high school at 6:00 p.m. Board members present: Brittany Dokken, Michael Forsgren, Jon Karger, Brenda Olson, Anne Peterson, Greg Larson. Board members absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Dr. Ed Richardson, Derrick Nelson, Brian Korf, Rudy Martinez, Barb Ripley, Cary Haugrud, Lou Hoglund, Bud Nornes, Trevor Steeves, John Gullingsrud, Logan Petznick. 

The meeting was called to order by Jon Karger. 

Greg Larson moved to approve the meeting agenda. The motion was seconded by Michael Forsgren and carried. 

Bud Nornes addressed the board. 

Michael Forsgren moved to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following items: 

A. Approve board minutes – regular board meeting September 16, 2019 

B. Financial claims September bills 

C. Treasurer’s Report 

D. Accept donations:

– To scholarships in memory of Ernie Hovland-Anonymous $20

– To 1st grade for Literacy Lunch-VFW $300

– To 1st grade for Literacy Lunch-VFW Auxiliary $200

– To music department-Donna Nelson-clarinet $340

– To Pelican Rapids Schools art program – Cormorant Area Art Club $200 

– To Pelican Rapids Schools DAPE program – VFW $500

– To Pelican Rapids Schools DARE program – VFW Auxiliary $200 

E. Personnel:

– Hire Amy Potts as Asst. Dance coach

– Hire Andy Rarick as JH Girls Basketball coach

– Approve participation in the part-time teacher program for Nancy Huseby 

– Approve the resignation of Dawn Finn as Achievement & Integration director as of 10/30/19

– Approve the following lane changes: 

— Heidi Henkes BA+15 to MA 

— Kathryn Anderson BA to BA+10(S) 

The motion was seconded by Brittany Dokken and carried. 

Greg Larson moved to approve the Community Education Report. The motion was seconded by Brenda Olson and carried. 

Anne Peterson introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: 




WHEREAS, the Minnesota State High School League Foundation was formed to provide support for Minnesota’s high school youth to participate in athletics and fine arts; 

WHEREAS, the Pelican Rapids School Board recognizes the value of student participation in extracurricular activities; and 

WHEREAS, the MSHSL Foundation is offering grants and funding to assist school districts in recognizing, promoting and funding extracurricular participation by high school students in athletic and fine arts  programs. 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Pelican Rapids School Board supports the District’s application to the Minnesota State High School League Foundation for a FORM A grant to offset student activity fees. 

The motion was seconded by Michael Forsgren and upon a vote being taken the following vote in favor: Brittany Dokken, Anne Peterson, Jon Karger, Michael Forsgren, Greg Larson, 

Brenda Olson.

And the following voted against: None. 

The resolution was adopted. 

Jon Karger moved to change the date of the regular November board meeting from November 18 to November 13 at 6:00 p.m. in order to canvass the election results. The motion was seconded by Brenda Olson and carried. 

The meeting was closed to discuss negotiations strategy. 

Jon Karger, Chair 

Anne Peterson, Clerk