Minnesota State High School Mathematics League season got underway  October 28. 

In Math League, there are four separate tests including Algebra (A), Geometry (B), Trigonometry/Precalculus (C), and Analysis (D). Each student takes two of the tests and four students from each varsity team must take each test. 

At least two students on the team must be sophomores or younger. The team score is the sum of the individual scores from all eight competitors plus a team exam.

Pelican Rapids competes at meets in the West Central region. 

However, beginning last year schools also compete within a virtual section of schools of comparable size. The top individual in each region and the top team in each virtual section earn a trip to the state tournament. The Pelican Rapids team achieved that honor last year.

Leading the Vikings team was junior Julian Zavala-Gunderson with a score of 8, which was tied for 4th place in the region (3rd place in the virtual section). Senior Logan Petznick was tied for 17th place in the region (7th in section), and freshman Janae LaFerriere was one point behind him to tie for 25th in the region (12th in section). 

Maddie Guler, Sam Moe, Jed Carlson, and Sylvia Pesch all tied for 37th in the region (21st in section). 

Also competing well were Anna Kunz, Kirby Nelson, Lily Williams, Eva Rustand, and Tanner Tollerud. It is difficult to compare individual scores, as students take different tests. Test A is often thought to be the easiest. However, statewide statistics show that of the 1,522 mathletes who took that test, 762 of them scored a zero. That’s over half! LaFerriere was the only Pelican student to earn a point on that test. Less than 20% of Minnesotans were able to beat one point on test A. Math league is challenging!

Alexandria won the meet with 42 points, followed by Moorhead with 36, and Northern Cass with 31. Pelican Rapids’ team score of 24 was sixth place in the region, but third place in the virtual section.

“It was a bit of a disappointing start to the season, but the scores are very close so we should be able to bounce back,” said math coach Lisa Petznick. “Our goal is a return trip to the state tournament and it is realistic that we could accomplish that.”