A shoot honoring the late Tanner Markgraf will be hosted at the new Dunvilla Shooting Park.

The start of a new school year is a bittersweet time for the  Markgraf family. 

It was just before school start, one year ago, that young Tanner Markgraf died–days before beginning his seventh grade year at Pelican Rapids junior high.  

Taking some of the sting out of the Curt and Staci Markgraf family’s difficult one year anniversary of Tanner’s death is the Dunvilla Shooting Park–with an event that both honors their son’s memory, but also raises funds for Pelican Rapids high school scholarships.  

The “Tanner Markgraf Scholarship Shoot,” Sept. 14, honors the young fellow, who died of an uncommon medical condition.  

“Tanner really wanted to be on the Pelican school shooting team,” said David Johnson, one of the founders of the Dunvilla shooting range.  Johnson is a board member, and also carved out a piece of his own land for the facility.  “He was really looking forward to it, and Tanner even asked if he could join the team a year early, but we weren’t able to bend the rules.”

For the Dunvilla club, the scholarship shoot will be essentially the first publicized special event at the park.  

And–“non-shooters” are especially invited out to the park, said Johnson.  Even if you don’t take aim with a shotgun, you can have lunch–with the Cornfield BBQ mobile unit setting up for the 11-3 p.m. shoot on Sept. 14.  

“We would love to see folks come out for lunch to support the event,” said Johnson. 

Shooters get to take aim at 50 targets for a cost of $10.  

They will sign a pledge sheet, and are encouraged to seek pledges before the event–for each broken target out of 50.  

Non-shooters can also come and pledge on a shooter.  Members of the Pelican Rapids high school team wil be on hand to shoot, so the public is invited to pledge on their behalf.  

“With the Cornfield on site, we invite folks to come out for a delicious meal, pledge on a shooter, and enjoy the day,”  said Johnson. 

For more information, contact Johnson at 701-429-8482.