This critter got caught with his paw in the cookie jar–actually, it was something far healthier than sugar and cookies.  

This red fox, just a pup–probably born last spring–was in a real predicament when Paul Restad encountered him northwest of Pelican Rapids.

The scavenging young fox apparently tried to scrounge some remnants from a frozen vegetable bag that had apparently been littered–or he had been raiding a garbage can.  

What was the bag labeled?  Brussel sprouts. 

Restad, who happens to serve on the Pelican Township board, evidently felt it was his duty as an elected local official to rescue the pup from the predicament.  

It took two attempts, but he managed to yank the bag off the pup’s head. The stunned fox kind of paused after he regained vision, looked at Restad as if to say “gee, thanks.”

As for Restad…Well, it was all in a day’s work for a town board member.