Ian Christianson and Justin Hoskins
Jake Galbrecht

Vergas, Dent battle with extreme heat in 16 inning marathon

The Dent and Vergas town teams labored under temperatures pushing 90 degrees–for 16 innings–August 3 in Pelican Rapids, during the Region 16C amatuer baseball tournament. 

The grueling contest is believed to be the longest game ever played at Pelican’s Chauncey Martin Field.  Weary Vergas ballplayer Jake Galbrecht sprawled out in the dugout for a few moments in the 15th inning.  

Vergas scored one in the top of the 16th, and held on for the victory, as Ian Christianson and Justin Hoskins congratulated each other after the hard fought win. 

Trevor Tappe, recorded the win on the mound for Vergas, throwing nearly ten innings for the 9-8 win.