Kari Jones
Kadden Holt (L), Luke Sjolie (M), Jarett Stetz (R)
Britta Seiple (L), Jenna Stetz (R)
Reese Henkes (L), Oakley Carlson (M), Parker Sanchez (R)

Pelican school fishing leaguers nab four of top spots; championship tourney set Aug. 10 

The Pelican Rapids High School Fishing Team finished the regular season tournament schedule by claiming four of the top eight places at Big Detroit Lake  August 1.

Finishing in 1st place was Kari Jones with 17 points. She was the only student angler in the boat and was fishing with boat captain Steve Maresh.

Britta Seiple, Jenna Stetz and boat captain Jason Stetz finished in 4th place with 14 points.

Kaden Holt, Luke Sjolie and Jarett Stetz were captained by Mitch VerDorn and finished in 5th place with 13 points.

Reese Henkes, Oakley Carlson and Parker Sanchez finished in 7th place with a total of 13 points. Fred Sanchez was their boat captain.

The top six anglers (point earners) from each school involved in the fishing league will have the opportunity to fish in the Heart O’ Lakes Championship to be held on August 10. 

The lake the anglers will be fishing is unknown at this time but will be revealed 24 hours before the event takes place. 

This is an added twist to tournament protocol as normally the anglers would have an opportunity to pre-fish the lake they are competing on, noted fishing league volunteer Maresh.