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Bear sightings have continued in the area, from Scambler Township to the Pelican Lake area. 

The bear picture at left was captured July 1, just east of Franklin Lake. Rick Julian reports that his trail camera recorded a three picture burst as it walked by. 

“Apparently it heard something from the camera, as it went right to it and broke off the 2×4 at ground level it was mounted on.  It was a good condition 2 by 4. Lots of power,” wrote Julian to the Press.  “Luckily the camera fell face down and the bear did no further damage to the camera. I have had them chewed up before.  The camera had dew on its lens, which is the reason for blurry image.”

Julian is familiar with the territory.  He graduated from Pelican Rapids High School in 65. He has lived in the Cormorant area for about the last 22 years, but he still has 40 acres east of Franklin. Julian said there have been a lot of sightings in the Pelican Lake, Ida area and north.  

“Birdfeeders are in danger.  I heard someone saw a sow with cubs, but have not been able to confirm that.  That would be first for the area,” he wrote.  The photo at center was captured by Julian last summer.  

“It was taken July 14, 2018. Same location. Almost looks like the same bear,” noted Julian.