A resident of rural Pelican Rapids, 44-year-old Kevin Paul Busko, was sentenced on June 17 for a felony of Fifth Degree drug possession.

A sentence of 17 months in the state correctional facility in St. Cloud was stayed for five years. He will not be incarcerated at that facility if he remains law abiding for those five years.

Local confinement at the county jail in Fergus Falls totals 120 days, with credit for time already served amounting to 35 days. He will be allowed work release if he follows rules and policies of the sheriff’s office.

His total court fees will amount to $285.

This case dates back to June 27, 2018, when the offense took place, He pled guilty to the felony charge on March 27, 2019.

The judge ordered Busko to cooperate with his probation agent during the search of his residence, vehicle, workplace and property.

Stay of Adjudication for Ottertail resident

Christina Marie Bonk, 43, of Ottertail, will have a felony charge of Fifth Degree drug possession stricken from her record if she remains law abiding for five years while on supervised probation.

Under a Stay of Adjudication, while the probation is going on, it is a pending case, the same as being charged and awaiting trial. Once probation is over the case will be dismissed.

The judge made this ruling on June 10 in county court, Fergus Falls.

Local confinement is 30 days with two days of credit for time already served. Total court fees for Bonk amount to $275.

This felony case dates back to March 22, 2018. Bonk pled guilty on April 8, 2019.

Bonk was ordered to have a chemical evaluation and to follow recommendations of the evaluation. She also was ordered by the judge to cooperate with her probation agent during the search of her residence, vehicle, workplace and property.