Lake Lida was the site for the second Heart O’ Lakes High School Fishing Tournament of the 2019 season.  

The early afternoon hours of June 27 produced several thunderstorms, but at launching time the thirty-two boats filled with student anglers were greeted with a sunny sky and light wind.

The tournament is a catch and release format with five species of fish being targeted. Each species can earn from one to five points depending on the length. The total points of the five largest fish are used to determine team placings.  Awards are given to the top eight finishers.

The following teams placed for Pelican Rapids: 

1st Place – Pelican Rapids, 21 pts.: Carter Johnson, Philip Dykhoff, Jed Carlson; Boat Captain: Brian Dykhoff

4th Place – Pelican Rapids, 15 pts.: Carson McNeal, Cooper Kress, Sam Moe; Boat Captain: Jon Moe

5th Place – Pelican Rapids, 15 pts.: Oakley Carlson, Reese Henkes, Parker Sanchez; Boat Captain: Fred Sanchez

7th Place – Pelican Rapids, 13 pts.: Jacob Willits and Tommy Thach; Boat Captain: Matt Tollefson

Jacob Willits (L), Tommy Thach (R).
Oakley Carlson (L), Reese Henkes (C), Parker Sanchez (R).
Carter Johnson (L), Philip Dykhoff (C), Jed Carlson (R).
Austin Fitzgerald (L), Josie Bergquist (R).
Carson McNeal (L), Cooper Kress (C), Sam Moe (R).

8th Place – Pelican Rapids, 12 pts.: Austin Fitzgerald and Josie Berguist; Boat Captain: Doug Bergquist