Public boat access to be completed this summer

A new, “state-of-the-art”  public landing on Lake Lizzie, which has been in the works for more than two years, is expected to be completed this summer. 

A cleaning station to help prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species; a paved circular road for easy boat landing and parking for nearly 30 boat-trailer rigs is planned.

This rendition shows the layout of the Lake Lizzie public access, which will be completed this summer. The site plan includes a cleaning station to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Landscaped islands break up the parking lot. A stormwater catch basin is also included, as well as features to prevent drainage and run-off into the lake.

Reconstruction of the Lake Lizzie Public Water Access started last year, with realigning Pelican Township road, 220th Ave.

Features such as a catch basin  and drains to direct stormwater run-off away from the lake are also included in the plan. 

The road was moved last summer and the construction of the public access will begin this summer, reported Shawn Donais Area Supervisor of  Parks and Trails at the Fergus Falls Department of Natural Resources office. 

“It will be a big project to tackle that steep and currently dangerous hill,” added Donais. “The design … will provide a much safer access, should accommodate larger boats, and will include Aquatic Invasive Species infrastructure to allow for boaters to prep and clean their boats as well as a decontamination unit to operate on the site as needed.”

 The design concept also captures all the storm water run-off in retaining ponds. 

Donais noted the “difficulty users have navigating the sharp corner and steep narrow road up the hill.”

The redesign also gives winter users a significantly safer route than the steep hill and hairpin turn of the existing access.

 “While the exact time frames will not be known until after the bid for construction has been awarded and the contractor sets up their build schedule, we expect this work to potentially take 7-8 weeks,” said Donais. Plenty of factors could speed up or slow down the work. The construction window is being set for July 8 to August 30.”

Due to the significant amount of dirt work to cut down the grade on the hill the access will be closed for the duration of construction, said Donais.