8th Annual Youth Hunt hosted by Pelican area’s Whitetail chapter


Heart O’ Lakes Whitetails hosted their 8th annual youth turkey hunt April 20.

Hunters and guides are pictured here, with their turkey specimens bagged at the annual youth turkey hunt, which also featured an informative talk by DNR Conservation officer Bill Landmark.

 For the past seven years the group has mentored 15 aspiring turkey hunters each spring. 

Activities for the weekend start on Friday evening with a meal, presentations on “turkey 101” and field safety via our local Game Warden, Bill Landmark, and a lesson on target practice to round out the evening. Saturday is the big hunt. 

For this year’s hunt, mother nature cooperated almost perfectly. The sun was shining bright with light winds for a majority of the day. Most of the young hunters and mentors were serenaded with endless gobbling to start the day out. 

Youth turkey hunter Gabe Baumann

Opportunities were plentiful for the youngsters with nine total long beards being harvested which is the highest single day output to date. Smiles were bountiful come day’s end. 

“This is a hunt we look forward to offering to our youth each and every year as it gives them a unique experience afield; one which most kids have not yet experienced,” noted  Tyler Scott, one of the organizers.  “Truly a heartwarming event to bring these kids and families together to share in a lasting memory.” 

“We cannot express how appreciative we are to our local donors who help sponsor this event. Without their help, we would not be able to provide each of these kids with a wonderful ‘turkey hunting’ gift package. Their faces light up when they see what we have provided them on the eve of the hunt.”

Hunting guide Scott Stengrim and Moleigh Hess.

Another shout out to all of the land owners who allow these kids out onto their properties. Without their generosity, the chapter would not be able to provide the opportunities to “see God’s creation, much less harvest a turkey,” added Scott. “Until next year, good luck to those still afield and remember to get our young generation involved, as they are the future to our hunting heritage; a heritage that is being threatened on a national level at an alarming rate.”