Event was first without teammate Faith Westby

By Karli Kirkwood, Special Education Pelican Rapids Elementary

Last week, the Pelican Rapids Special Olympics Team traveled to Fergus Falls to compete in the Area Basketball Meet. 

It was the first event without their red-headed teammate, Faith Westby.

 To say it was different, would be an understatement. Her absence was felt all around. Her teammates, coaches, and even fellow competitors, all had moments of missing her bright smile. 

The Fergus Falls Special Olympics Team even dedicated the event to Faith. Two Pelican athletes were honored, by reciting the oath for the day, dressed in their purple shirts with “Faith Forever” on the back. 

Although Faith was not physically with us, our team knew she was there, cheering us on. 

The day started out with our athletes showing off their individual skills in passing, shooting, and dribbling. Our afternoon was spent watching our two 3-on-3 teams during their half court games. Overall, it was a fun competitive day. All of our athletes came home smiling and feeling proud of how they competed.

Please continue to cheer on our athletes as we prepare for our final area event, track and field, coming up on May 15.