This photo was taken 36 years ago, to the day.  This group of 100 gathered May 1, 1983 for a photo to kick off the Pelican Rapids Centennial celebration.  Ages are from 1 to 100. 

We’re in the process of pinning down some of the names–including the 100-year-old gentleman, in the far upper right of the photo.  

See how many people you recognize in this mass of familiar faces.  

A few names were identified by Jaime Paulson, who provided the photo for the Press. 

Third from right, back row, is Alma Satersmoen, 98 years old at the time. 

Spencer Paulson, then four-years-old, is third from left, bottom row. 

Also look for Paul Restad, Steve Zimmerman and Irene Pfeifle. 

The late Walt Boe, Jack Couture and Millie Martin are also in the picture. 

The Pelican Rapids Press plans to publish a complete listing at some point in the future. 

The photo was a special centennial feature, 1893 to 1983.