January 28, 2019

The regular monthly meeting of the Pelican Valley Health Center Hospital District Board of Directors was held at 6:15 p.m. on Monday evening, January 28, 2019, in the Pelican Valley meeting room.  The meeting was called to order by Richard Bratlien.  Other board members present were:  Les Rotz, David Slotten, Brian Evenson, Shannon Erickson, Mary Williams, John Waller, Mark Sjostrom, and Sue Bruggeman. Absent was Brad Knorr. Staff present were:  Ashley McNally, Executive Director of PVSL, Ali Erickson, Mark Neu, Chandra Eaton, Cassie Heaton, and Renee Evenson. Others present were: Angie Urman, COO Knute Nelson, Marnie Gugisberg, CFO Knute Nelson, Dean and Mary Nelson, Lou Houglund, Kate Andrews, Joan Spencer, Anne Peterson, and other members of the community.

Shannon Erickson, on behalf of the nominating committee nominated Mary Williams as Vice Chairperson, Rich Bratlien as the Board Chairperson, David Slotten as Secretary and Susan Bruggeman as Treasurer. Motion made by Shannon, seconded by Sue. Motion carried. Rich asked for further nominations. John nominated Les for Chairman, Brian seconded. Les nominated Mark as Treasurer, John seconded. A vote was held and Rich won Chairperson 5-4 and Sue won Treasurer 5-4. Rich said if anyone has any committee preferences to please contact him.  


A motion was made by Les, seconded by Mary to approve the agenda and approve minutes of previous meeting. Motion carried. 


No legal report. 

Marnie said the fiscal audit is done. Angie phoned in the Paul Gustafson, CLA Auditor, to give the audit report. Les asked if Paul looked at our staff to resident ratio. Paul said the nursing staff is higher than average. Sue said there would be more to come from the finance committee. 

Ali Erickson reported the financials and went over the cash and investment summary. She said there are cash flow issues coming up this month. This is due to three payrolls in January, expenses at Main, and transition expenses. Marnie covered the projected cash flow for the upcoming months. There is a $200,00 CD that could be cashed in and reinvested in the future. Ali said Bremer Bank will allow us to take the CD out with no penalty. Sue suggested cashing in the CD to get through this. It was decided for Ali to cash out the CD. 

Angie said the transition is continuing to move along as it should. The HR team will be at PVSL Wednesday to continue to work on training. Marnie said the audit process was a great learning process for them. Marnie suggested putting out an RFP for the audit next year. Angie added that Ashley McNally is leaving PVSL on 2/13. They have had a few good interviews as administrator. She said there will be an interim in the meantime. Brian asked how they figure out the pay for an interim. John asked who authorized the payment for the past interim. It is in the contract that the Board needs to approve any cost over $10,000, including labor. Angie said KN decides the wage and authorizes payment for the interim. She will look into this. Les asked if the Board would get to meet the new administrator candidates to get a say on who is hired. Angie said yes.

Ashley gave an update on the memory care transition. She said the plan is to move the memory care residents on 2/18. The school is helping with that move. Ashley said the residents will start their day out as usual. They will go for a bus ride and end up at Main where they will have activities all day and move in. Staff shift times will be changed and most staff will get their favorable preference. This staffing model will take place 2/14.  John asked if we are still admitting residents that do not have memory impairment to Main. Ashley said yes.  Les asked why the memory care residents do not have the option to stay until they want to move. Ashley said we cannot operate two memory cares at ones. Les said he is upset with moving people in the middle of the winter. He said the people moving need to be treated with dignity. Ashley said it takes a lot to staff two different memory care units. She talked about some staffing changes that happened at Main. Les asked if there are more employee cuts coming. Angie and Ashley said no. There was discussion about a position being eliminated at Main. Les said we have to remember that the staff are what makes this place great. John said at the finance committee meeting they received info that the nursing home is overstaffed. Brian asked if they will get a say in any staffing changes. Sue said that is why we hired a management company. He said it is not micromanaging when they are researching cutting $200,000 from a budget in staff. Angie said we can still provide great care and make efficiencies. John asked if the final decision on staffing levels would be brought to board decision. Angie said this is something that could be looked at. Brian said the board and the management company need to look at the tax levy and decide what it should be used for. 

Rich said board member compensation is on the agenda. John said this isn’t the time to start this. Dave agreed. Les said there hasn’t been any time on this board that the financials looked good enough for board compensation. Sue said it is a labor of love. Les said it is always a hard time to find a replacement for vacancy and board compensation may help this. Mary agreed that it wouldn’t be a good time right now. 


Teddy Zierke said she has a loved one that has been at Manor for five years. She loves it there and this move is upsetting to her. She asked who picked February 18th. Ashley said it was initially January and was pushed back to February, but there could be a discussion about the timeline. Kate Andrews said it is the biggest mistake to move Alzheimer’s patients in the first place, let alone in the winter. Ashley asked when the move should happen. Kate Andrews said April would be a good month. John said initially the motion was made to change Manor to memory care and this changed the next meeting. Angie explained the logic behind changing this move to Main. A family member said they never would have moved their loved ones into memory care knowing it was going to end up at Main. Ashley will readdress this date. Family is upset about the room difference between Manor and Main. Dean Nelson said statistically speaking elderly care is 5-7 years. He asked what the harm is in keeping memory care as is until the last six memory care are no longer there. Dean said statistics show some elderly do not even make the move. Teddy inquired more about the room differences. She asked for all rooms to have vanities. There was discussion on the memory care move. Dean asked if it was a unanimous vote to change Main to memory care. Ali believed so based on minutes from the board meeting. Dean said he is concerned with “industry averages” being used. He said this is Pelican Rapids and we do not want to be compared to the cities. Many other facilities are not well staffed. Many loved ones asked various questions about the switch of memory care. It was decided KN and Ashley will spend more time looking into this. Les said the management and staff will take all of this into consideration. 



Motion was made by Dave, seconded by Brian to approve the financial statements as presented. Les said he would like to see the financials in the board packet and will not approve the current financials. Motion carried. Motion was made by Mary, seconded by John to not approve board compensation at this time.  Motion carried. Motion was made by Les, seconded by Mary to approve the 2018 Audit Report as presented. Motion carried. Rich added that the move day of 2/18 for memory care should be looked at by KN. Les made a motion to delay the memory care move to April 15th at the earliest, seconded by John. Sue asked if a date needed to be set. Motion carried. 


Motion was made by Les, seconded by Brian to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m. 

Ali Erickson, 

Recording Secretary

David Slotten,