The regular monthly meeting of the Pelican Valley Health Center Hospital District Board of Directors was held at 6:15 p.m. on Monday evening, December 17, 2018, in the Pelican Valley meeting room.  The meeting was called to order by Richard Bratlien.  Other board members present were:  Les Rotz, David Slotten, Bradley Knorr, Brian Evenson, Shannon Erickson, Mary Williams, John Waller, and Mark Sjostrom. Absent was Sue Bruggeman. Staff present were:  Ashley McNally, Executive Director of PVSL, Ali Erickson, Megan Mayer, Curt Cardwell, and Renee Evenson. Others present were: Angie Urman, COO Knute Nelson and Kate Andrews.


A motion was made by Les, seconded by Brad to approve the agenda and approve minutes of previous meeting. Motion carried. 

Ashley reported that Chad approved the Gift Policy presented at the last Board meeting.

Ali Erickson reported the November 2018 financial statements. All the members elected to office in the 2018 election took their oath of office this evening.

Angie Urman said there are not a lot of updates. They are still working on Dayforce issues. The transition has been going well. There is a call on Friday to determine ways to market Main and Manor. Ashley said they have seen an increase in referrals in the past few months due to Assisted Living nurses working hard on this. Ashley said Main has been coming along. All the walls are getting painted and primed. It is an additional $5,100 to get the window and door frames painted. We will need additional scans in Main to make it secure. This will cost approximately $11,000. Once the walls are done, the lighting will get put in. This will cost about $15,000. Les thanked Curt and his family for removing the wall paper. Les said this shows how valuable our staff is here. Angie said there is no allowance in for furniture. Ashley said she had family and tenant meetings. Any resident that wants to stay at Main is welcome to. So far no residents want to move. Rich asked what Manor will become. Ashley said it will depend on the market need. It could be more independent than what is currently at Main. Rich said each member may want to think about attending township meetings to update them on all the changes. Ashley asked for an open discussion about board member compensation. Les said he thinks it is a good idea to get people to want to be on the Board and to get them involved. Shannon said she has been on boards that give compensation. She said it is a detriment to people to run for the board if there is no compensation. She said we would need a policy to state the guidelines. Rich asked if it should be put on the agenda for next meeting. Dave said his concern is the timing. The consensus is to put it on the agenda for next month. Rich said Marnie contacted him to have a finance committee meeting in January. Angie said KN would like to plan a full day of strategic planning in February. Ashley requested a scholarship in the amount of $6,399.97. It was determined they would pay up to the limit of $4,000. 


Kate Andrews introduced herself. She said she is a psychologist and attended the meeting about moving Memory Care from Manor to Main. She said January is a tough month for everyone, especially for memory care residents. She said memory care residents and families love the view and rooms at Manor. She said people are not saying good things about this place. There is a lack of trust. She said June/July would be a better time to move. She said people are getting depressed over this. She said people are paying more for less. She has been talking in the community about this and plenty of people are not happy. She suggested there should be an individual move plan for every single person. 

Rich addressed this by stating we are a governmental entity and are not allowed to have a resident advocate. Rich said members of this board have had family members receive memory care within this facility. He reiterated this was not hastily done. Angie said they are moving people all the time at KN to benefit their well-being. Rich said this board sees this move as proper for our campus.  



Motion was made by Les, seconded by Dave to approve the financial statements as presented.  Motion carried. Motion was made by Brad, seconded by Les to approve scholarships in the amount of $4,000.  Motion carried. Rich appointed a nominating committee of Shannon Erickson, Mark Sjostrom, and Brad Knorr. 


Motion was made by Les, seconded by Dave to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:16 p.m. 

Ali Erickson, 

Recording Secretary

David Slotten,