Pelican children’s librarian comes out from behind the bookshelves to display her art

By Joan Ellison Special Correspondent 

Photographer-artist Sarah Davis found a new angle and perspective on the “most photographed tree in Otter Tail County. The tree, west of Pelican Rapids, is a familiar beacon at the gateway to the lakes area.

“Admire more, most people don’t admire enough.” 

Vincent van Gogh said those words, and Sarah Davis, children’s librarian at the Pelican library, repeated them as a part of her art display at the library during the month of February.

As children’s librarian, Sarah uses her imagination through displays in the children’s area and story time crafts. Her ideas cover the walls and hang from the ceiling. Everyone coming through the library admires the children’s area. 

“Pretty standard compared to the art I create outside of work,” Sarah explains. “My pictures are usually askew and my handwriting can sometimes be hard to interpret.” 

She says that for years, her creative outlet, her art, was not for others to see, but for herself. 

“It’s a scary scenario putting my work out there. My pieces speak to me but might not translate into someone else’s life.” 


Children’s librarian Sarah Davis, pictured left with part of a display of her photography and artwork at the Pelican Rapids Public Library. “Sharing my creativity out in the real world has been a little surreal since I found it much safer keeping it on my Instagram feed; however, through harping and encouragement I’ve decided to be brave enough to show my artistic works. It’s been over eighteen years since I printed a photo…”

Sarah’s art includes handwritten quotes on beautifully decorated paper,  photographs–some on canvas and others on paper, and glittery ribbons reaching across space to tie objects together. 

“My photographs and word art are eclectic,” she explains. “They’re more about feeling, and they are all over the place.” The colors, the juxtapositions and the energy of Sarah’s work are infectious. 

When Sarah was little she had a business (called Sarah Mark) making cards out of construction paper. “It turns out homemade construction paper cards don’t pay the bills,” she says with a grin.  

Years later, she is beginning to sell her work under a new name – wild SEAD. “The tag line for my brand is relentless creativity. Trying to do art a little bit every day – whether it’s a doodle or a photo, a good day has some creativity sprinkled in it…”

The creativity that Sarah’s art has brought to the library – continuously in the children’s area and now in the exhibit area, is brilliant. Follow van Gogh’s advice. Stop by the library during the month of February and admire Sarah’s work.