Pelican Rapids Viking Elementary School Principal Ed Richardson introduced Monica Thompson at the January “Pastries and Parents” gathering.  The monthly event is an opportunity for families to learn about Pelican school initiatives and programs, in a casual setting with coffee and baked goods.

Families, kids invited for casual program, information, learning–and treats–at Viking Elementary school Feb. 13

Mom Amanda Tweeton enjoys a computer demonstration–courtesy her daughter Malia.

 “Pastries with Parents” has become a sweet success in its first few events at the Pelican Rapids Viking Elementary School. 

As many as 50 family members and students have participated in the informal, informational programs.  The sessions are intended to be a casual–and tasty–way to invite families into the school to learn about special educational programs and offerings at the school.

The next “Pastries” event is Feb. 13, 8 a.m. in the elementary school cafeteria. 

Students will share some of the computer application  and coding tools, such as Bee Bots and Spheros, according to Viking Principal Ed Richardson. 

Pelican Viking Elementary parents, families and students gather for coffee and pastries for one of the informational monthly programs at the school cafeteria.

“Digital Citizenship” was the focus of the January “Pastries with Parents” gathering.  Families were instructed on care and uses of the student computer pads–and the kids had an opportunity to demonstrate them for the families. 

Special guest was teacher Monica Thompson, who stressed the importance of using computer technology in an appropriate manner–and that parents can help “prepare kids for a world of technology.” 

“There are so many positive educational tools on the internet, but we all need to be role models in how to use it,” said Thompson. 

Parents also signed the Viking school’s “Family Media Agreement,” which outlines how to care for the equipment as well as proper etiquette, protocol and use of online materials. 

Demonstrating their computer pad skills to parent Steve Herdan are Dominic Herdan and Lyla Seifert

“Pastries with Parents” events are planned the second Wednesday of each month at Viking elementary.