106 Oakley Carlson (9-19) placed 4th scored 4 points

lost by major decision to Ethan Bowman (CRO) (MD 10-0)

lost by fall  to Daunte Yost (FB) (Fall 4:16)

lost by decision to Jackson Mikkelsen (UCB) (Dec 5-2)

120 Tommy Thach (13-8) placed 3rd  scored 14 points

won by decision over Wesley Ramberg (FB)  (Dec 8-3)

lost by fall  to Sam Helgeson (UCB) 25-3 (Fall 1:54)

won by fall over Tucker Bolstad (Unattched)  (Fall 1:56)

won by decision over Nolan Dans (CRO)  (Dec 10-7)

126 Carter Johnson (4-9) placed 4th scored 14 points

won by fall over Oscar Duden (RLCC)  (Fall 2:42)

lost  by tech fall to Garrett Peterson (UCB) (TF-1.5 3:05 (16-0))

won by fall over Andrew MacGregor (CRO)  (Fall 4:13)

lost by  fall to Cody Sele (TRF) (Fall 1:06)

145 Patrick Pechtel (9-7) placed 3rd scored 14.0  points

lost by major decision to  Paul DeHate (RLCC) (MD 14-4)

won by fall over Andrew Wetli (UCBB)  (Fall 4:24)

won by fall over Connor Eidsmoe (ROS)  (Fall 3:00)

160 Matthew Ziebell (20-5) placed 2nd scored 18.0  points

won by fall over Tanner Weyer (UCB) (Fall 3:41)

lost by major decision to Ben Olson (ROS)  (MD 14-2)

170 John Ziebell (21-15) placed 3rd  scored 12.0  points

lost by fall to Kyle Miller (TRF)  (Fall 1:02)

won by decision over Landon Bergron (UCB)  (Dec 11-4)

won by fall over Gabe Horgeshimer (FB) 7-11 (Fall 4:53)

220 Jacob Willits (7-18) placed 2nd scored 14.0  points

won by fall over Blake Fee (CRO)  (Fall 5:53)

lost by fall to  Mason Iverson (TRF) (Fall 0:58)

won by fall over Kyle Bliss (ROS) 1-6 (Fall 3:14)

285 Isaac Olson (5-17) placed 3rd 

lost by fall  to Jude Olson (FB) Fall 3:07

lost by fall  to George Duden (RLCC) (Fall 0:20)