Snow removal in the Pelican Rapids downtown business district was on the agenda for the city council Jan. 8.

The discussion was prompted by a petition, signed by about 25 business owners and managers in the downtown area. 

The petition drive was launched after the holiday snowstorms, which restricted traffic by car and by foot. City crews cleared the streets in a timely fashion, by most accounts, but foot traffic in the business district was impacted by plow accumulations of snow and drifts along sidewalks. 

Leading the campaign was Darcy Hanneman of the Beauty Cellar, who hiked up and down main street to collect the signatures. 

“We business owners are concerned about our customers safety and well-bing,” stated the petition. 

Recent practice by the city street department has been to plow the streets to clear passage–but delay much of the removal and hauling until after business hours, because operating equipment can be disruptive to pedestrians and motorists. 

But Hanneman’s petition urges the city to remove the snow during business hours, if needed.  

Snow removal issues have been less prominent for a number of years, in large part because of lighter snow winters. 

The problem became apparent with heavy snow events over several days–coimplicated by holiday schedules.  

Downtown snow removal is expected to be discussed at the Jan. 8 council meeting, after this newspaper edition went to press.