After a two week layoff the Viking Mat Men returned to the mat Jan. 3 to take on the Fergus Falls Otters. 

 They earned their first win of the season defeating the Otters 36-30.  

Carson McNeal

Of the 12 matches wrestled, the Vikings won seven.  

“The key to the victory was that we earned bonus points in four of the matches,” said Coach Holt. (Bonus points are when a wrestler wins by a major decision, tech fall or a pin.)

 Injured wrestlers James Furey and Isaac Olson who are still recovering from concussions before Christmas break should be back by Jan. 12.

 Carson McNeal was also unable to wrestle due to a minor injury.

 On Jan. 5, the wrestlers took part in the Thunderbird (Mahnomen Waubun) dual team tournament.  

They placed second with a 3-1 record losing only to Crookston 43-30.  

Anthony Reese

“We wrestled very aggressively earning 14 pins out of 35 matches wrestled,” stated Coach Holt. 

Noah Kapenga who was filling in for the injured Carson McNeal was able to go 3-1.  

Other new comers to the lineup were Carter Johnson and Dakota Dahl.  The only undefeated wrestlers were Zack Partlow at 3-0 and Isaac Olson at 2-0.  

Those going 3-1 were: Tommy Thach, Mark LaPoint, Sebastian Centeno, Noah Kapenga, Zane Brosowske, and Johnny Ziebell. 

“This is very impressive to have 9 out of our 15 wrestlers have a winning record.” 

A highlight Jan. 5 at the Mahnomen meet was the accomplishments of the Pelican 7-9 graders. Pelican finished strong with five medalists and two advancing to state competition held at Champlin Park. Pelican finished fifth as a team and at one point were just points away from advancing as a team for state competition. Pictured, Coach Aaron Kaapinga, Patrick Pechtel 3rd, Carter Johnson 4th, Sebastian Centeno 3rd, Carson McNeal 2nd, Anthony Reese 2nd, Coah Dylan Evenson and Coach Brian Dykhoff.

Over the winter break Coach Evenson worked with the team to perfect their techniques.  “This hard work paid off last week, and should provide momentum going into the second half of the season,” noted Holt.


 Pelican Rapids (PERA) 

36.0 Fergus Falls (FEFA) 30.0  Jan. 3, 2019


106: Da`mon  Britten  (FEFA) over Oakley Carlson (PERA) (Dec 13-11)

113: Tommy Thach (PERA) over Jacob  Widness (FEFA) (Dec 8-5)

120: Anthony Reese (PERA) over Caden  Olsen  (FEFA) (Dec 10-7)

126: Mark LaPoint (PERA) over Lance `Joey` Graff (FEFA) (TF 16-0 5:42)

132: Sebastian Centeno (PERA) over Justin  Boyd  (FEFA) (SV-1 3-1)

138: Lance `Joey` Graff (FEFA) over Carter Johnson (PERA) (Dec 8-3)

145: Sam  Sorum  (FEFA) over   (PERA) (For.)

152: Kaden  Hartwell  (FEFA) over Max Dykhoff (PERA) (Fall 1:28)

160: Zane Brosowske (PERA) over Cole  Fronning  (FEFA) (TF 17-1 5:24)

170: John Ziebell (PERA) over Lucas Oliphant  (FEFA) (TF 16-0 4:22)

182: Matthew Ziebell (PERA) over   (FEFA) (For.)

195: Braedon  Wagner  (FEFA) over Zack Parlow (PERA) (Fall 1:25)

220: Jacob Willits (PERA) over Juan `Jay` Rodriguez (FEFA) (Fall 5:46)

285: Dustin  Portales  (FEFA) over   (PERA) (For.)

Pelican Rapids (PERA) 52.0 Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) 27.0  Jan. 5, 2019

106: Simon Snyder (WDC) over Oakley Carlson (PERA) (Fall 1:26)

113: Tommy Thach (PERA) over Koby  Endres (WDC) (Fall 3:21)

120: Mark LaPoint (PERA) over Mason Snyder (WDC) (Fall 0:26)

126: Grant Seelhammer (WDC) over Anthony Reese (PERA) (Fall 4:15))

132: Sebastian Centeno (PERA) over Jayson Young (WDC) (Fall 2:30)

138: Adrian Sanchez (WDC) over Carter Johnson (PERA) (Fall 2:00)

145: Noah Kapenga (PERA) over Braeden Sibert (WDC) (MD 10-0)

152: Max Dykhoff (PERA) over Brayden Kleinke (WDC) (Fall 2:00)

160: Zane Brosowske (PERA) over Isaac Hale (WDC) (Fall 1:24)

170: Cody Wheeler (WDC) over John Ziebell (PERA) (Dec 4-2)

182: Matthew Ziebell (PERA) over   (WDC) (For.)

195: Zack Parlow (PERA) over   (WDC) (For.)

220: Logan  Wegschied (WDC) over   (PERA) (For.)

285: Isaac Olson (PERA) over   (WDC) (For.)

Wrestler of the meet Mark LaPoint

Pelican Rapids (PERA) 39.0 Mahnomen-Waubun (MAWA) 24.0 Jan. 5, 2019

106: Oakley Carlson (PERA) over Lucas Geray (MAWA) (Fall 1:32)

113: Tommy Thach (PERA) over Will Olson (MAWA) (Dec 11-10)

120: Garret Eiynck (MAWA) over Anthony Reese (PERA) (Fall 5:52)

126: Mark LaPoint (PERA) over   (MAWA) (For.)

132: Carter Johnson (PERA) over   (MAWA) (For.)

138: Sebastian Centeno (PERA) over David Rock (MAWA) (Fall 5:23)

145: Adam Syverson (MAWA) over Noah Kapenga (PERA) (Fall 1:50)

152: Chase Dorman (MAWA) over Max Dykhoff (PERA) (Fall 1:32)

160: Zane Brosowske (PERA) over Thomas Azure (MAWA) (Fall 1:26)

170: Blake Geray (MAWA) over DakotaH Dahl (PERA) (Fall 3:41)

182: John Ziebell (PERA) over   (MAWA) (For.)

195: Double Forfeit

220: Double Forfeit

285: Double Forfeit

Wrestler of the meet Tommy Thach

Crookston (CROO) 43.0 Pelican Rapids (PERA) 30.0 Jan. 5, 2019

106: Ethan Bowman (CROO) over Oakley Carlson (PERA) (Fall 3:48)

113: Nolan Dans (CROO) over Tommy Thach (PERA) (Dec 7-4)

120: Zach Brown (CROO) over Anthony Reese (PERA) (Fall 4:00)

126: Braxton Volker (CROO) over Mark LaPoint (PERA) (Fall 0:22)

132: Cameron Weiland (CROO) over Sebastian Centeno (PERA) (MD 14-4)

138: Hunter Knutson (CROO) over Carter Johnson (PERA) (Fall 0:48)

145: Noah Kapenga (PERA) over Cade Coauette (CROO) (Fall 1:46)

152: Ethan Boll (CROO) over Max Dykhoff (PERA) (Fall 1:38)

160: Lukas Meier (CROO) over Zane Brosowske (PERA) (Dec 10-6)

170: John Ziebell (PERA) over Cade Deleon (CROO) (Fall 1:23)

182: Damian Hodgson (CROO) over Matthew Ziebell (PERA) (Dec 4-2)

195: Zack Parlow (PERA) over   (CROO) (For.)

220: Jacob Willits (PERA) over Blake Fee (CROO) (Fall 5:48)

285: Isaac Olson (PERA) over   (CROO) (For.)

Wrestler of the meet Jacob Willits

Pelican Rapids (PERA) 57.0 Red Lake County Central (RLCC) 21.0

106: Oakley Carlson (PERA) over   (RLCC) (For.)

113: Tommy Thach (PERA) over   (RLCC) (For.)

120: Anthony Reese (PERA) over Gunnar Sandeen (RLCC) (Fall 3:30)

126: Mark LaPoint (PERA) over Oscar Duden (RLCC) (Fall 1:17)

132: Sebastian Centeno (PERA) over   (RLCC) (For.)

138: Damon Ferguson (RLCC) over Carter Johnson (PERA) (Fall 1:06)

145: Noah Kapenga (PERA) over   (RLCC) (For.)

152: Paul DeHate (RLCC) over Max Dykhoff (PERA) (Fall 2:35)

160: Zane Brosowske (PERA) over   (RLCC) (For.)

170: John Ziebell (PERA) over Tristyn Ferguson (RLCC) (SV-1 15-13)

182: Matthew Ziebell (PERA) over   (RLCC) (For.)

195: Zack Parlow (PERA) over Bobby Akhus (RLCC) (Fall 5:05)

220: Zachary Howard (RLCC) over   (PERA) (For.)