Crowning event, music featured for Oktoberfest Oct. 11-13 at VFW

The 2018 Oktoberfest Committee. Front row: Mary Olson, Roberta Kowalski, Winnie Martinson, Jennifer Hams
Middle: Tom Ladwig, Maxine Ballard, Mimsi Weckwerth, Jessica Valdovines, Gene Nygaard
Back: David Hilber, Gloria Radke, Sandy Sundblad, Diane Hanson, Marie Fouquette
Spencer Paulson and son Jack found Oktoberfest Medallion 1 at the block pump house structure on the north end of Pelican Rapids. As a Pelican firefighter, the third clue “fill” helped lead the way-as the fire department used to fill the pumper truck there.
Ms. Oktoberfest, Jaime Paulson, was found by her brother, Phil Cowie.
Dr. Mike Magnusson was the slueth who uncovered Medallion 2, pictured with his Oktoberfest button.

The identity of Mr. Oktoberfest has stumped everybody.

The seventh set of clues is published here, so hopefully by Oktoberfest weekend, somebody will solve the mystery.

If not, he will be revealed at the “crowning” event on Friday evening, Oct. 12, at the Pelican VFW, said Roberta Kowalski, Oktoberfest co-chairperson. A complete list of Oktoberfest events is featured in the Pelican Rapids Press this week.

As for Ms. Oktoberfest, her identity is Jaime Paulson. Phil Cowie solved it by the third clue: “fan.”

Jaime was reached by phone, driving home from a volleyball game in Glyndon.

“The clue ‘fan’ was a big hint, because I go to almost any game I can,” said Jaime, a familiar face in the bleachers for Pelican Rapids sporting events.

The clue ‘one of four’ refers to four kids in the family, said Jaime. One of those kids is Phil Cowie-her brother. The Oktoberfest committee doesn’t restrict families from joining the fun, so Phil won the $50 prize fair and square. Besides, noted Jaime with a laugh–Phil should have been led astray by the second clue: “pleasant.”

“I can’t believe he thought of me as pleasant,” laughed Jaime, who is also a familiar, friendly face as one of the staff at Bell Bank in downtown Pelican Rapids.

Between the extended Cowie-Paulson family and Maplewood Veterinary Clinic, there is an ongoing competition for the Oktoberfest treasure pursuits. Jaime Paulson has identified two past Mr. and Ms. Oktoberfests, Sue Bruggeman and Don Perrin. She and family members also tracked down at least a half dozen medallions over the years.

“We enjoy riddles and puzzles and putting clues together,” said Paulson. “I think they asked me to be Ms. Oktoberfest just wo I wouldn’t be out looking this year,” she laughed.

Dr Mike Magnusson uncovered medallion number 2. He enjoys treasure hunts, as well as one of his staff, Toni Grabinger. Between them, they’ve won five or six Oktoberfest prizes. For the 2018 hunt, the early clues, “colorful” and “exercise” got him thinking about playgrounds. It was a roundabout path to a few Pelican locations, but he followed his instinct. First, he went to the playground by the Rotary turkey barbecue pits–which didn’t pan out.

Then, he was driving to Sherin Park to search–when he spotted the playground installation near the swimming pool when he spotted the small, colorful playground. The medallion was stuck under one of the pieces of equipment.

Coincidentally, he discovered the medallion on the day of their 37th wedding anniversary. He presented her an anniversary card–with the medallion inside the envelope.