Final featured repeat of last year’s showdown with Breckenridge– but Pelican came out on top

The 2018 Pelican Rapids High School Lady Vikings volleyball team, following the squad’s top place finish in the invitational tournament, hosted in Pelican, on Sept. 8.
Riley Berg, left, and Kaylie Isaman.

Far right, Anna Stephenson. All pictured during
Greta Tollefson at the net,
with teammates Sarah Thompson and Grace Peterson, background
Grace Peterson,
Anna Stephenson. All pictured during the final game of the Peli-
can tourney Sept. 8, as the Lady Vikings defeated Breckenridge for the tour-
nament title.
Ryley Paulson.

The Pelican Rapids Vikings had a great day of volleyball September 8, winning the Pelican Rapids invitational.

This was a round robin style tourney with 2 sets each round.

Teams participating were: Hillcrest, LPA, Breckenridge, Rothsay, Battle Lake, and Pelican Rapids.

The Vikings had just come off a tough 5 set loss to Hawley on Thursday and were determined to improve on some things.

The Vikings started the day with Hillcrest. Pelican had just played Hillcrest last week so was familiar with their aggressive serving and aggressive defense.

Pelican did a good job mixing up our offense and attacking at the comets.

“We did a better job of receiving their aggressive serves than we did last week but struggled a bit with our blocking,” said Coach Heidi Isaman.

The Vikings won both sets with scores of 25-17 and 25-20.

Next round the Vikings took on Rothsay. Rothsay started strong and the Vikings had some lack of communication which caused some hesitation and
dropped balls. The Vikings did not get in a great rhythm of offense but made a few big plays to get the 25-20 set win. Second set the Vikings pulled it together and passed the ball well.

“This got us in system and our front row took over. We stayed very aggressive all game and won 25-9,” said Isaman.

Next round was against Battle Lake. The Vikings backed off their aggressiveness a bit and the Battlers came out with a strong block. The Vikings really
struggled blocking and it was a tight battle. Some aggressive serving gave Pelican a nice run and the Vikings won both sets 25-20 and 25-21.

Next round was LPA. The Vikings served very well to get the Raiders out of system.

“Our offense did a good job of finding the open part of the court and stayed aggressive both on offense and defense,” noted Coach Isaman.

The Vikings won both sets with scores of 25-10 and 25-12.

Finally Pelican was matched up with Breckenridge.

Breck came into this round with only one set loss and Pelican no set losses, so it was a repeat of last year’s championship match.

Breck came out on top last year winning the tournament and the Vikings were determined to have a different outcome this year.

Set one was a challenge for the Vikings. The Cowgirls came out very strong with aggressive blockers.

The Vikings struggled covering our hitters and were not cutting off the block. The Cowgirls also did a great job of mixing up their offense and we had trouble reading the ball at times.

The Lady Vikings lost some intensity and the Cowgirls pulled off the first set 25-23.

The Vikings knew they needed to get more aggressive offensively and move our offense around. This is exactly what the Vikings did. They got all hitters involved to make the Cowgirl defense work a little more and the Vikings pulled off the second set 25-19.

“It was a great championship game with great effort and energy on both sides of the court. It was a great day of volleyball,” said Coach Isaman.

Pelican Invitational tourney results

1st: Pelican Rapids
2nd: Breckenridge
3rd: Battle Lake
4th: LPA
5th: Hllcrest
6th: Rothsay