In action in the front of the net, Nusret Subasic, Abdullahi Hashi, Diego Diaz, Alfredo Centeno, Olvaro Chavez and Joe Coronado. The West Central supervisors played in red shirts; with the worker team in blue shirts.
Abdullahi Hashi, Nasir Shire and Abdi Farah.
In the field, from left, Diego Diaz, Alvero Chavez, Ivan Franco, Salvador Diaz and Almin Serjovik.
Ibro Kurtic as goaltender
attempts to block a free kick.
Nusret Subasic in the net for the supervisor team, which played in red.
Izet Hajdar takes a free kick.
Spectators lined the Pelican Rapids soccer field for the 4th annual “Relay for Life” soccer fundraiser match between West Central Turkeys supervisors and workers.
Javier Villagomez, left, one of the oldest players on the field, and Joe Coronado and Carlos Chavez.
The supervisor team, in red, and the worker team, in blue, gathered together for a group photo following the fourth annual cancer fundraising soccer game Sept. 9 at the Pelican Rapids Brown Field.

The annual “just for fun” soccer clash between West Central Turkeys staff and supervisors featured lots of laughs–plus a healthy fundraising campaign for the American Cancer Association.

The soccer game is part of West Central Turkeys “Relay for Life” effort to help kick cancer.

For the second year in a row, the West Central Supervisors defeated the workers–who played under the name “Las Viejitos,” translated the “old guys.”

The score of the game isn’t particularly important in this entertaining match-up, which was lively entertainment for both players and spectators–many of them co-workers and family members.

The supervisors were up by 3- 1 at the half, and retained a lead to game’s end. But the referee called for a “shoot-out” at the end, where teams took alternating, one-on-one shots on goaltenders.

When the kicking spree ended, the supervisor squad ended up on top–by a score of 5-4.

The WCT organizers expect to break the $1,200 mark for the cancer fundraiser, noted Salvador Diaz, which included a well-stocked concession stand.

Mexican and Somali food was served, with proceeds going to the cancer society.