Do you remember when?

The Pelican Rapids “Class of 1968” held its 50th reunion on Saturday, July 14 at the VFW, during the Pelican Fest weekend.

A few weeks ago, we published photos of many of these folks when they were in fifth grade. This photo from the 50th reunion shows them “all grown up.”

First row (left to right): Rachael (Korda) Gabe, Judy Crews, Carolyne (Sherbrooke) New, Sharon (Peterson) Fjestad, Linda (Maland) Euneau, Darla (Kratzke) Yanish, Carol (Mostue) Jaeger, Mary (Anderson) Johnson.

Second row: Bernice (Pompe) Hanson, Marlys (Dahl) Perry, Leann (Narveson) Smith, Karen (Braton) Thomson, Betty (Anderson) Tingelstad, Bonnie (Nelson) Mohs, Joyce (Ripley) Amborn, Renee (Resset) Stadum, Pauline (Jenson) Fischer, Joan (Ronningen) Lunde, Cathy (Johnson) Seidenstricker, Lois Wifall, Dean Haarstick, Jeanette (Kratzke) Hodges, Linda (Sorum) Weiss, June (Haney) Berg, Annette (Arvidson) Gorentz, Linda Wagner, Nancy (Bredahl) Cummings.

Third row: Lynn (Johnson) Funfar, Debbie Miller, Guy Musolino, Jerry Swanson, Michael Swenson, Irvin Erickson, Larry Jacobson, Loren Seifert.

Fourth row: Richard Gabe, Richard Toso, Jerry Ness, Michael Haugrud, Charles Sherbrooke, Les Pierce, Jim Weiss, Mark Michels, Paul Aakre.


Reader believes mystery item was decorative gate iron

We had a response from a reader on an item Dawn Lysaker uncovered while inspecting a new riverfront property.

This metal object measures 12” x 17” x 3⁄4”. The photo was published in last week’s Pelican Rapids Press, pictured again here.

Sending an email was Valerie Silva: “I saw the top photo on page two of the July 18 edition of the Pelican Press and I think it might be a decorative part of a gate.”