An exterior view of the new Westfield Apartment complex, on the northwest side of Pelican Rapids–near the West Central Turkeys plant. Note the foundation outline, just above the completed apartment complex, where the second phase of the apartment development is taking shape.

With the success of the first 13 unit complex, the Unique-Herzog group are ready to break ground on Phase II, which calls for a 24-unit apartment structure, with 18 two-bedroom units; and six one-bedroom units. Occupancy of the new complex could be as soon as late fall, 2018.

The total project, which will be nearly 100 units when all four phases are complete, is by Unique Construction and Herzog Property Management, and Minnesota National Bank, which participated in the financing of the project.

The drone view is courtesy of aerial hobbyist Brad DeWald, Pelican Rapids, who has submitted several drone-captured images to the Pelican Rapids Press. Sadly, DeWald reported that his drone “crash-landed” during this outing.