Acoustic features, microphone array–even a grand piano–are goals of ambitious fine arts fund campaign

A small group of dedicated volunteers has been working quietly in the background to raise funds for the Pelican Rapids Fine Arts Auditorium to enable au- diences to “Hear the Arts.”

Bob Satterlie recently addressed the audience of the spring band concert to introduce the project publically.

Bob noted that while Pelican Rapids has an outstanding facility with our Fine Arts Auditorium, budget cuts didn’t allow for some key components to be included in the final project.

A sound shell, towers and cloud system, would enable notes to travel from the stage into the audience without getting lost in the drapes or ceiling of the stage. This is most important for choral and band performances that don’t have sound amplification systems in place. Imagine the impact of truly hearing an orchestra’s sound without dampening.

Satterlie also noted that while a climate controlled room was built to store a grand piano, we don’t presently have a piano to store in it. A piano, as well as wireless microphones are also included as part of the project’s goals. Wouldn’t it be nice if every speaking part in a play could be amplified so that the parents and grandparents could hear? Our sound system will manage 32 individual microphones, but we only have 4 at the present time.

The overall goal of the project is to raise $250,000 to cover the costs of the sound shell, towers & cloud system, purchase a grand piano and 24 wireless microphones and to have money in reserve to pay for ongoing maintenance of those items. Satterlie noted that we’re nearly 40% of the way to our goal, but have work to do to get the project across the finish line.

“We’d like to raise enough funds to purchase the sound towers this fall if possible; but we have given ourselves up to three years to get everything in place,” said Satterlie. “The people and businesses of Pelican Rapids are extremely supportive of the Arts; it’s been a pleasure to meet with so many people who are willing to donate their time and financial support for the betterment of the entire community. I’m confident that we’ll reach our goals to let everyone ‘Hear the Arts.’”