The regular monthly meeting of the Pelican Valley Health Center Hospital District Board of Directors was held at 6:15 p.m. on Monday evening, February 26, 2018, in the Pelican Valley meeting room. The meeting was called to order by Richard Bratlien. Other board members present were: Les Rotz, David Slotten, Bradley Knorr, Susan Bruggeman, Mark Sjostrom, Mary Williams, Brian Evenson, and John Waller. Absent were: Shannon Erickson and Sue Bruggeman. Others present were: Anne Diekmann, Paul Libbon, Chad Miller, Barbara Axness, Ali Erickson, Chandra Eaton, Jessie Chenze, Mark Neu, Renee Evenson, and Curt Cardwell.

After adding to address a Resident concern regarding PVSL policy to the agenda and adjusting the special meeting minutes, a motion was made by Les, seconded by John to approve the agenda and approve minutes of previous meeting. Motion carried.

Chad Miller reported we received our signed amendment from Ecumen. Anne Diekmann and Paul Libbon presented the Ecumen RFP. Les asked what was being done regarding the credit card issue. Paul replied stating that Ecumen is reviewing the savings over a six month period and then it will be decided if more credit cards will be issued again. He also said that managed sites can go to any bank and they will assist the site in getting credit cards. Rich stated the finance committee may need to look into this and see how many credit cards are needed. Barbara brought up the vendor approval process is not user friendly for the local vendors. Brian asked about the compensation. He said the increase is a 13.4% increase from 2016-2017. Paul stated this is an estimate and this will change to the actual revenue. Ali Erickson presented the January financial statements along with the cash and investment summary. Census as of now is 32/33 beds at the nursing home. We are going to be full at the end of the week. Barbara said we are still waiting on resurvey to come. She said we have made all of the corrections needed and revamped our training. The ice freezer was replaced. Turnover and hiring statistics were passed out. Most hires are made in the nursing department. A complaint was brought forward about a tenant’s adult son. It involved harassment of a staff member. Multiple efforts were made to contact this son with no success. The son just needs to call Barbara. The tenant is upset and reached out to the Board for resolution. Rich read a letter sent to him from the tenant. The Board decided everything was done correctly by the staff and PVSL has a duty to protect their staff. The son still needs to call to resolve this. Les said the Board stands behind the staff.

Motion was made by Les, seconded by Brad to approve the financial statements as presented. Motion carried. Motion was made by Les, seconded by Mary to schedule a presentation of the RFP from Pioneer and LB Homes. Motion carried. A date will be set up at the March 12th Committee Meeting.

Motion was made by Les, seconded by Dave to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

Ali Erickson,
Recording Secretary
David Slotten,