Management Service Pelican Valley Health Center
211 East Mill Avenue Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

The Pelican Valley Health Center (hereinafter referred to as the “District”) is undertaking a review of its existing management contract and is requesting proposals for the Pelican Valley Care Center and the Riverfront Manor and Riverfront on Main assisted living facilities the above named nursing home and assisted living facilities being known collectively as the “Pelican Valley Senior Living” located in Pelican Rapids, MN. A copy of the current management contract governing Pelican Valley Senior Living is available from the District’sadministrator.

District is seeking to hire a management company to:

1. Manage and perform operations-related services on behalf of Pelican Valley Senior Living including but not limited to the following activities:

a. The hiring of an onsite licensed administrator to provide oversight of Pelican Valley Senior Living’s operations and its departments, staff and residents;

b. Prepare and provide budgets and budgetary goals for Pelican Valley Senior Living to be reviewed and approved by the District’s Board of Directors (the District’s Board);

c. Report to the District’s Board regarding the activities of Pelican Valley Senior Living, its employees, tenants, finances, and other matters as requested by the Board;

d. Establish and maintain quality indicators an performance standards for the financial and operational performance of Pelican Valley Senior Living;

e. Provide periodic internal audits and inspections to prepare and assess Pelican Valley Senior Living’s compliance with financial, operational, statutory and regulatory standards;

f. Provide Minnesota Department of Health Survey support and assistance in preparing Plans of Correction and assistance with any other regulatory compliance issues;

g. Conduct periodic reviews of all policies and procedures of Pelican Valley Senior Living for compliance by staff and compliance with legal compliance;

h. Help residents, staff, and the District engage in discourse and policy preparation with government entities regarding longterm care issues in Minnesota;

i. Work with the resident/family council(s) in place at Pelican Valley Senior Living;

j. Advise and assist the District in its development of long-term strategic planning for Pelican Valley Senior Living

k. Work with the District in any program reviews, remodeling, service development, and other efforts to maintain and position Pelican Valley Senior Living’s operations and buildings for the future of the District;

l. Assist the District and it legal counsel in the preparation and defense of the District from any criminal or civil litigation related to the operations of Pelican Valley Senior Living;

m. Prepare management and staffing requirements for Pelican Valley Senior Living;

n. Manage and maintain systems for the retention and maintenance of all Pelican Valley Senior Living records in compliance with all federal and state regulations for said records; and

o. Prepare all internal, external, regulatory and other reports for the District.

2. Manage all residential and commercial rental units of Pelican Valley Senior Living including but not limited to the following activities:

a. To collect all rents due and owing to the District from the operations of Pelican Valley Senior Living;

b. To advertise and offer for rent the rental units of Pelican Valley Senior Living;

c. To manage all residential rental units of Pelican Valley Senior Living;

d. To advertise and offer for rent all commercial space, and other rentable facilities and concessions of Pelican Valley Senior Living;

e. To manage all commercial space, and other rentable facilities and concessions of Pelican Valley Senior Living; and

f. To participate and work with the District’s legal counsel in the preparation and supervision of all real estate leases on behalf of the District.

3. Manage and maintain all of Pelican Valley Senior Living’s facilities in good repair in accordance with all state, federal, and municipal laws, ordinances, regulations, orders, and codes, and in a condition at all times acceptable to District’s Board, including the provision of and management of water, electricity, gas, fuel, oil, sewage and trash disposal, vermin extermination, decorating, laundry facilities, and telephone services.

4. Manage all of the District’s employees, including on-site personnel, to enable the District to properly, adequately, safely, and economically operate, maintain, and account for Pelican Valley Senior Living in accordance with federal and state laws. This management shall include but not be limited to the following:

a. Establishment and implementation of salary levels, personnel policies and employee benefits in accordance with the budget established by the District’s Board;

b. Establish and conduct training programs for the District including the management company’s own internal training programs;

c. Prepare Employee Handbooks and Policies to govern the activities of the District’s employees; and

d. Provide Human Resources assistance to the District; and

e. Provide payroll processing and tax document preparation for the District’s employees.

5. Manage the marketing efforts of Pelican Valley Senior Living including but not limited to the following:

a. Coordinate public and community relations and marketing plans to maximize the District’s census numbers and community support; and

b. Provide professional networking, development and informational opportunities to the District and its staff.

6. Provide and/or maintain any and all licenses required to operate Pelican Valley Senior Living and its operations.

7. Ensure the compliance with all applicable regulations and program guidelines required for the leasing, management, and operation of Pelican Valley Senior Living.

8. Provide technology services to the District including but not limited to the following:

a. Assist with the purchase and maintenance of the District’s hardware and software;

b. Provide employee training to the District’s employees on all technology systems used at Pelican Valley Senior Living;

c. Provide on-site and remote technical assistance and phone support;

d. Provide periodic assessments of the hardware and software being used by the District;

e. Provide system security and network services; and

f. Provide centralized payroll, email, security and other communication systems and associated administration and troubleshooting support.

1. List company name and address.
2. How many years have your company provided senior living management services?
3. What other services does your firm or subsidiaries of your firm presently provide, besides senior living management?
4. If a corporation or limited liability company, answer the following:

a. Date of incorporation or organization
b. State in which incorporated or organized
c. Chief executive’s name and title or chief manager’s name and title

5. What insurance and licensures does your firm maintain?

1. How many people are employed by your organization?

2. List the full-time management personnel in the office, which will service this facility in the following categories:
3. Management Firm Number of Personnel a. Executives
b. Administrators
c. Liaisons, Support, IT, or Administrative Personnel
d. Resource Personnel
e. Other

4. List the technical level of the in-house, management personnel by category as follows:

a. Administrators
b. Human Relations personnel
c. Nursing supervisors
d. Accountants
e. Business and Management
f. Computer and IT technicians
g. Other

5. List the professional and trade associations represented by in-house management personnel in your organization.

1. What are the current senior living management sights currently being operated or managed by the applicant?

2. What are the current nursing home sights currently being operated or managed by the applicant?

3. Do you have any experience working with or managing a publicly owned and operated senior living community?

4. List the number of public entity facilities your firm has completed using the management delivery method in the last five years.

5. List your management experience for the senior living communities and nursing home facilities owned and operated the past five years.

1. What person or persons would be working directly with the District if your firm were awarded the management contract?
2. Include and attach the resume for any person that will be working directly with the District.

1. List your ten most recent healthcare management facilities for public entity and include owner contact information.

2. Explain your philosophy of the relationship between the site owner and management company.

3. Explain your philosophy of care provision for healthcare patients, particularly in a nursing home and senior living community.

1. List your scope of services you would provide to the District.

2. Why should your firm be selected to provide management services for the District?

3. What are the five major strengths your firm will bring to the facility?

1. Describe your firm’s management approach (how do you propose to administer this facility?)

a. Budgeting
b. Care provision
c. Regulatory compliance
d. Licensure
e. Staff Training
f. Marketing
g. Technology
h. On-site supervision
i. Employee relations
j. Resident/family relations
k. Staffing

(Basis of Compensation should accompany all proposals in an identified sealed envelope).

1. What is the fee for management services? What is included?

2. What services are considered reimbursable expenses and what is the estimated cost for annual reimbursable expenses for the District?

3. What services will be available to the District for an additional fee?

4. Any additional services not described above.

Please provide any other information your firm feels is necessary.

Richard Bratlein,
Pelican Valley Health Center