November 27, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Pelican Valley Health Center Hospital District Board of Directors was held at 6:15 p.m. on Monday evening, November 27, 2017, in the Pelican Valley meeting room.

The meeting was called to order by Richard Bratlien. Other board members present were: Les Rotz, David Slotten, Shannon Erickson, Bradley Knorr, Brian Evenson, Susan Bruggeman, John Waller, Brad Knorr and Mary Williams. Absent: Joan Foaquette. Others present were: Michael Walls, Barbara Axness, Ali Erickson, Curt Cardwell, Chandra Eaton, Jessie Chenze, Mark Sjostrom, and Joycelin Steidl.


A motion was made by Les, seconded by Brian to approve the agenda and approve minutes of previous meeting. Motion carried.

Mike reported the legal issue going on is the review of the Ecumen contract.

Shannon reported from the Special Committee meeting.

Paul Libbon is our new Regional Director. The Committee met with Amy, VP of Operations and Paul. They stated that the Board has the ultimate authority and they only provide advice. Rich stated we would have Ecumen redo the contract before we sent out RFPs. Sue clarified we would have Ecumen review the contract and concurrently draft an RFP to be approved in the December meeting. This is the recommendation the Committee also made. Rich said Paul specifically stated that Ecumen is here to give the best educated advice on items, but it is ultimately the Board’s decision. Les stated we need a management company for the time being, but we need to move forward and partner with someone else. Les said the employees do not need more work. They need more help.

Brian asked for clarifications about the RFPs. John added that during the Committee meeting Ecumen did not address specific concerns.

Curt brought forth an update from the Building and Grounds committee meeting. He will be getting a new quote from Indigo with a smaller sign. They will compare the signs from Indigo and Hoffer to make a decision.

This sign is for the Nursing Home. A decision can be made at the next Board meeting.

Howard’s Asphalt said we will be first on the list next spring to fix the parking lot at Main. Les asked if the retaining wall could be looked at again at that time. He requested to get more bids during the winter.

Ali reported the financials for October.

Barbara reported our December meeting will be on December 18th. Jonathan Lips, from Leading Age, will be attending to bring information on the megarule. She shared Administrator responsibilities.

A part of the megarule is to be sure all Board members are deemed competent. Job descriptions for Board members will be created. November 28, 2017 is the day the new megarule takes effect. We applied for an OSHA grant to purchase a sit to stand lift and a hoyer lift. Our OSHA grant was approved for $7,000.

This grant matches funds. We accepted the OSHA grant, but will apply for a grant through our work comp provider also. Ryan Pesch performed some economic impact research and provided us with stats about PVSL. We employ 7% of the jobs in the community. We support 164 jobs in the community. For every dollar spent by PVSL, $.67 is put back in the community. Barbara recommended two scholarship requests in the amount of $2,790 and $2,790. The final tax levy needs to be finalized.


Motion was made by Les, seconded by Brad to approve the financial statements as presented. Motion carried. Motion was made by Brian, seconded by Mary to approve December’s meeting date of December 18, 2017 due to the Christmas holiday. Motion carried. Motion was made by Les, seconded by Dave to approve final tax levy of $600,000. Vote was unanimous.

Motion carried. Motion was made by Shannon, seconded by Mary to approve special committee recommendations of sending out RFP and have Ecumen review their contract.

Motion carried. The RFP will be ready by the December meeting to be approved. Motion was made by Les, seconded by Shannon to approve resignation of Erhard Grove township member, Joan Foaquette, effective December 31st, with a thank you to Joan for her service on the Board.

Motion carried. A Notice of Vacancy will be sent to the Pelican Press. A Search Committee was made up of Brian, John, and Rich. Motion was made by Les, seconded by Sue to approve scholarships in the amount of $2,794 and $2,794 for two employees. Motion carried.


Motion was made by Les, seconded by Brad to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m.

Ali Erickson,
Recording Secretary
David Slotten,