An unusual situation involving a landlocked property will be the focus of a continued hearing in Dunn Township.

On the agenda is a parcel, owned by Rodney Spidahl.

An initial hearing was started November 15, but Dunn officials learned not all pertinent property owners were properly notified.

The subject is a land-locked parcel of land, owned by Spidahl. He is seeking a “cartway” which would cross other private land in order to enable access to the property. The legal designation of “cartway,” would be established by the township under the proposal.

To date, Spidahl’s neighboring property owners have not arrived at an easement that would allow passage to the land locked property. Without either an easement or a designated cartway, Spidahl has no legal way to access the 15 acre parcel.

Legal notification to all five neighboring property owners has not been processed.

A continuation of the November 15 hearing will be on January 8, 3 p.m., and will include an onsite visit to the somewhat remote, forested land.

The plan is for township officials to reconvene at Town Hall at 3 p.m., then return for discussion. The regular monthly town board meeting also follows on Jan. 8, including the organizational meeting for 2018, including assignments and appointments.

Dunn’s new website under construction

A new website is being constructed for Dunn Township.

Working with the web design is Town Board member Ross Herseth.

The site is nearing completion, and training is ready to begin. Herseth was approved for a password in order to work with township clerk Douglas Winter and deputy clerk Mike Johnson; along with treasurer Sue Peplnjak. The password will likely be changed after construction and training is complete so that access to website administration functions are limited to the clerk and treasurer.

Structure or not?

Town board to inspect In other discussions at the Dec. 11 Dunn Township Board meeting, the board discussed a tarp-like structure installed on a township property.

The question for the town board was whether the installation, somewhat similar to a canvas covered “car port,” could be described as a “structure” under the township zoning ordinance. A structure would require a building permit.

The site is on property owned by Parrish Nelson on 275th Ave. Board members will drive by to inspect the structure and will report back at the January meeting.

Broadwater plat near Pelican Lake

The township received notification regarding the Ballard Woods Plat, which is south of Broadwater Drive. There are evidently possibilities of developing some lots.

Lizzie Lake meetings set at Dunn town hall

The Lake Lizzie Lakeshore Association has set its summer meeting schedule. The property owners group has reserved Dunn town hall and community center for the dates of May 19, July 21 and Sept. 8.