June 26, 2017

The regular monthly meeting of the Pelican Valley Health Center Hospital District Board of Directors was held at 6:15 p.m. on Monday evening, June 26, 2017, in the Pelican Valley meeting room.  The meeting was called to order by Richard Bratlien.  Other board members present were:  Les Rotz, David Slotten, Joan Fouquette, Shannon Erickson, Bradley Knorr, Brian Evenson, and John Waller.  Absent were: Susan Bruggeman and Mary Williams.  Others present were:  Chad Miller, Barbara Axness, Janet Green, Nancy Rotz, Michelle Solga, Theresa Dutcher, and Ali Erickson.


The motion was made by Les Rotz, seconded by Bradley Knorr to accept the agenda and the minutes from the previous month’s meeting.  Motion carried.


Chad Miller had no legal report.

Shannon and Barbara reported from the Long Range Planning Committee. Research was done to gauge the demand for more senior living in Pelican Rapids. After managers conducted surveys with current tenants, public that toured the facilities, and the senior center, it was decided we could not compete with becoming an independent senior living facility as there is already this type of establishment in Pelican Rapids and it has multiple vacancies. The amenities that were found most desired during these surveys were cable, ranking the highest, followed by housekeeping, activities, and staff on site. It was decided to keep staffing a priority by continuing to provide a thriving work environment and competitive wages. In an effort to keep the census up, we will work on being more visible in the community by using new marketing techniques to reach out to new spectrums of the public and to increase awareness of our multi-faceted continuum of care. New marketing techniques to promote the campus as a whole will include having employees in the Erhard 4th of July parade and sending out a new brochure. Barbara mentioned we have had positive Pinnacle reviews. Janet added employee engagement and satisfaction are key. She also stated it would be beneficial to find out where referrals are coming from. This is the key into seeing which marketing techniques are working to get our name out into the community.

Les Rotz brought up the name change possibility for Riverfront on Main. He commented about the positives of leaving the name since the signage is already in place and it takes many years to establish a new brand. Barbara will continue to research the possibilities to make the best informed decision. She also stated that new signs are needed for the buildings so it is obvious to the public where each building is located. This has been a problem. Emergency responders have gone to the wrong building. It was decided to table this discussion to next month.

Theresa Dutcher and Michelle Solga shared their duties as Assistant Directors of Nursing. Nancy Rotz entered the meeting. Theresa and Michelle left the meeting after their presentation.

Barbara provided two asphalt quotes to fix asphalt near Riverfront on Main. Bradley showed concern about fixing the leaning retaining wall. This may be something to add to the project. Barbara also reported the Employee Resource Connector position has been going very well. Employees are making use of this and are happy with this resource. Barbara and Ali are working on implementing the Empowering Hearts program. It is a program that allows families and residents to recognize employees by donations.

Barbara reported the census and financials. She reviewed how rates and census really effect revenue. Census continues to improve since building project. Pelican Valley Senior Living ordered more slings to accommodate residents. Housing had a billing problem with GRH in May. A lot of tours have been given. Manor has a move out and a move in in June. Assisted Living employees received education grants to continue education.


Motion was made by Les Rotz, seconded by John Waller to approve the financial statements as presented.  Motion carried. Motion by Les Rotz to repair asphalt in parking lot of Riverfront on Main with Howard’s Driveway, Inc’s bid, seconded by Bradley Knorr. Motion carried. A motion made by Shannon Erickson to accept the new strategic plan, seconded by Brian Evenson. Motion carried.


Motion was made by Les Rotz, seconded by Bradley Knorr to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.

Ali Erickson,

Recording Secretary

David Slotten,