Pelican city water tower renovation to impact water storage; property owners limited on outdoor watering

Watering lawns and gardens will be restricted in Pelican Rapids city–during the cleaning and painting of the city’s 500,000 gallon water tower.

A resolution was discussed at some length July 25, and approved by the council.

The tower will be removed from the city water system, straining water storage as the city will rely on direct pumping from wells and the city’s water treatment facility.

For homeowners the restrictions mean no outdoor use of water–lawns, gardens, individuals washing cars, or people filling hot tubs or pools–from midnight to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Outdoorwater use will be totally restricted on Mondays.

The city has implemented water use restrictions due to the renovatioin of the Pelican Rapids 500,000 gallon water tower and storage tank. The restrictions on outdoor water use could last up to ten weeks.

Property owners are allowed outdoor water use during these time frames:
• For EVEN NUMBERED ADDRESSEES throughout the city, outdoor water use is allowed Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the evenings, from 6 p.m. to midnight.
• For ODD NUMBERED ADDRESSES outdoor watering will be allowed on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, from 6 p.m. to midnight.

The restrictions do not apply to businesses that grow or sell plants and trees.

Commercial car washes are also exempt.

“It will not affect the commercial business corridor,” Don Solga, city administrator.

However, noted Don Solga, city administrator, if there is an emergency water shortage–all outdoor water uses could be banned, he cautioned. For example, if a power outage shut down pumping capacity.

To enforce the water restrictions, those in violation will be issued a written warning notice to suspend water use outdoors. Further violations will result in citations and penalties.

The restrictions could last for up to ten weeks, which is the timetable in the contract with Wisconsin-based water tower contractor Classic Protective Coatings. But depending on the weather, Solga said the contractor is confident that the project will be largely completed and water storage restored sooner than that.