Five of the six who placed first.

Pelican Rapids Youth Wrestlers, from pre-kindergarten to grade 7, competed on the road–in Grand Rapids, at the Jaycees-sponsored youth wrestling tournament.
Seventh grade wrestler Evan Fankhanel also traveled to Rochester for the state Youth Wrestling Association meet.

Pictured above,  most of the students who traveled to the youth meet.  There were 21 in total at the Grand Rapids event.

Background, Coach JJ Fankhanel.

Jed Carlson, Treyvon Benson, Jackson Peasley, Jack Kapenga and in foreground, pre-K champion Connor Arntson.

Jaycees State Tournament Champions:

Connor Arntson – PreK, Jackson Peasley – 3rd, Treyvon Benson – 4th, Jack Kapenga – 4th, Zack Fankhanel – 5th, Jed Carlson – 6th

2nd Place Finishers:

Braxton Johnson – 1st, Dominick Krauth – 3rd, Mark Kapenga – 4th, Hazen Milbeck – 4th, Kaden Holt – 5th, Noah Kapenga – 7th, Sebastian Centeno – 7th, Josh Villagomez – 7th,

3rd Place Finishers:

Daniel Krauth – K, Carter Johnson – 6th, Oakley Carlson – 6th, Evan Fankhanel – 7th, Anthony Reece – 7th

4th Place Finishers:

Reece Henkes – 6th, Parker Sanchez – 6th