David Lenzmeier agrees with many Otter Tail County high school graduates that persistence is the key to success. He spoke April 6 at M State, Fergus Falls.
Photo by Tom Hintgen

By Tom Hintgen, Special Correspondent 

David Lenzmeier played football at M State, Fergus Falls, with many graduates of high schools in Otter Tail County during the early 1990s.

“Staying the course with teammates, with persistence, was a lesson well learned,” said Lenzmeier who spoke Thursday evening, April 6, during the Bigwood Lecture Series at M State, Fergus Falls.

Lenzmeier also took persistence, continuing a course of action despite difficulties, into the classroom at M State.

Hard work and staying true to the course resulted in Lenzmeier, a native of rural St. Cloud, eventually becoming president of Eden Prairie, Minnesota-based Milk Specialties Global.

He heads one of the nation’s largest providers of high quality milk and whey proteins. In 2013 Lenzmeier was named Upper Midwest Entrepreneur of the Year.

“The start of my success was right here, in Otter Tail County,” said Lenzmeier to the audience at M State, Fergus Falls.

He said attaining success in any career is never easy.

“To an outsider, one’s success may seem to be easy. But there are always challenges,” said Lenzmeier. “Determination has a lot to do with success in one’s life.”

He said people should count their blessings.

“My older brother is a special needs adult,” said Lenzmeier. “For that reason, I’m involved with the Hendrickson Foundation that supports hockey programs for disabled players in Minnesota.”

He praised retired M State teacher Jean McKenzie, business and accounting instructor for 28 years, for being a role model when Lenzmeier attended M State at Fergus Falls in the early 1990s.

He also praised Steve King of the M State Spartan football coaching staff as a person who instilled the drive to succeed, both on the field, in the classroom and in Lenzmeier’s chosen career path.